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Finding the Right House Plant for Your Lifestyle.

Think you’re a plant person? We’ve got some tips & tricks to help you find out.

Let’s start with just a little history. House plants can be traced back to early human history, where they were used as status symbols and a sign of luxury. There was even the fabled tale of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. – which is said to have been commissioned by a King for this wife who missed the foliage of her birthplace. Wealthy Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all keep houseplants but only the Romans contained their foliage in Marble, while the others simply used Terra Cotta pots. The Romans preferred the most beautiful and largest plants and went to great lengths to ensure they had the brightest and largest plants possible. Jump to the Victorian Era when house plants were used by the middle class, where they used the plants to purify the air in their homes. It wasn’t until after World War II that houseplants became mainstream- with the modern office and home culture spurring the use of indoor plants for clean air and decor, and beauty.

John Richard has released a great selection of faux plants like this gorgeous moss in a mirrored vessel.

So do you think you’re a plant person? Or want to be? First of all, you have to think about your space, do you get a lot of light in your home or office? What about the amount of time you’d like to dedicate to your plants? These are all very important things to consider before making a purchase. The best Low-Light plants (great for bathrooms or areas with no windows) are Peace Lilies, English Ivy, Lucky Bamboo or Aspridina plants. Have a ton of light coming into your space? Try these- Yucca, White Bird of Paradise, Crotons and Fiddle Leaf Fig.  Just looking for low maintenance? Try picking up succulents or a jade plant (pictured in the headline photo of this blog!), they require very little attention. If you love orchids, you going to need to baby them, just because that bloom is gone does not mean your orchid is dead, they bloom annually and we especially love white orchids because it matches any decor. This article from Just Add Ice Orchids teaches you how to “trigger” bloom and care for orchids when in bloom and not! Still thinking houseplants are just a little more commitment than you are looking for? Fear not! John Richards has a great selection of faux plants that require zero maintenance whatsoever.

 The Bird of Paradise in this Fitler-Square bedroom Henck Design outfitted for a client adds just the right amount of greenery.

House plants do far more than just look beautiful. Although they can work great as a pop of color in more neutral or minimal space and create diversity in spaces more modern or transitional, they have added psychological and health benefits – ESPECIALLY in the bedroom. Studies have shown that having plants in the home or office can provide you with lower blood pressure, lower levels of anxiety and air purification –  NASA conducted “Clean Air Study” in the late 1980s, and found that houseplants can detoxify your home from airborne toxins, dust, and germs that can be found in a variety of household products, materials, and furniture. It is also said that having 10 or more plants in your house greatly improves the quality of air in a space and increased productivity and attentiveness. If you still aren’t sure if real plants are for you then take this quiz to find out!

A Bright and Airy place, perfect for A Bird of Paradise.

We at Henck Design believe plants in any form; low/high maintenance or even faux plants are a vital element to design and we have taken the time to curate a collection of photos on our Pinterest page– that take into account thoughtful use of various types of plants for all types of plant lovers! Additionally, we have used plants many times in our own designs to brighten and add color to a space, take a look ! 

The Fiddle Leaf Fig in the corner of this dining room, done by Henk Design, balances perfectly with the green, white and black painting.

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