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Modern Farmhouse Style


Henck Design breaks down the must-haves to perfect this aesthetic!

Henck Design created this quintessential farmhouse kitchen with open, natural wood shelves. Photo credit: Henck Design-Moyer Street


Modern Farmhouse style can be seen in every corner of the US, be it in on an actual farm, or in the city, it is everywhere, take a look at this article by So where did this interior design style come from? It’s a nod to days gone by, holding a historic place in American culture and furniture design, taking its inspiration from the farm homes of early settlers and is known for the use practical applications of sturdy furniture.  This country living look originates from America’s first farmhouses – mirroring the simplicity of rural areas – by way of classic, simple and rustic design choices. Open wood shelving in the kitchen tie in the warm wood tones used throughout the space. Natural stone is best utilized in the kitchen or bathroom with a stone or white marble countertop or a natural stone or porcelain sink, respectively, concrete is also a great finish to use if you are going for a more rustic feel.

A light and airy Modern Farmhouse bedroom complete with sliding-barn-doors. Photo credit: The Spruce


To understand the Modern Farmhouse interior look, we need to start with its predecessor, the Classic Farmhouse. Imagine a country home in middle America owned by a large family surrounded by rolling hills focused on farmland, and perhaps even their ancestors in rural Europe.  18th century French Farmhouses take the cake when it comes to the most classic country look with the most impeccable furnishings for these oversized homes. Wood paneling, antique furniture, soft printed fabrics, and sage green or warm yellow toned walls dominate this aesthetic. In comparison Modern Farmhouse style is dramatically neutral, it takes on a far more relaxed and warm feel. Staples of the new modern farmhouse style are white walls, light wood with contrasting black accents, industrial lighting, as well as a mix of new and vintage furniture.

Wood floors, neutral upholstery, and rustic decor helped to create this warm and inviting space outfitted by Henck Design in Newtown Square, PA. Photo credit:


Across the pond, the American Farmhouse home-style takes a slightly more buttoned-up approach from historic European form and functions.  Fast-forward a few hundred years, and in today’s modern world, homeowners crave luxury, creature comforts with the rustic look of original barn wood and soaring timber frames. as a great list of all things decor! In Henck Design’s home state of Pennsylvania, where many impressive farm estates exist, we mostly see farmhouses on the Main Line, in Chestnut Hill and in under an hour, we see many in Bucks County, which is just north of Philadelphia. These historic architectural gems are being redesigned, and even built as custom new construction homes with big-ticket prices and all things rustic and reclaimed.  Barn doors are used as interior doors, black metal details frame floating shelves, light fixtures, and vintage rugs finish the look by creating a touch of color to contrast the surrounding neutral color palettes.


One of the most exciting architectural features of farmhouses is the grand scale and soaring ceilings in the main areas of the home.  These peaks allow for large scale light fixtures, towering fireplaces, and oversized windows that shed incredible ambient natural light through the home.


What’s the quintessential interior design furnishing for a farmhouse, either modern or classic? Well, there’s no denying it.  The farmhouse table could not be more relevant to reflect the lifestyle of a home outfitted for a family surrounded by agriculture and trade.  The sheer scale of a true farmhouse dining table can be jaw-dropping, as the originals range from 14-20 feet in length and seat up to 10 people.

White, Black and Tan all over – this space encompasses all key elements for a successful design, complete with an industrial style chandelier. Photo credit: Modsy


So now let’s get down to the details. 


Exposed beams tell a story of history and hard work in the classic spaces.  Through interior design, we always want to repeat these rich warm tones with rugged edges to create a cohesive look for a farmhouse interior.  Natural fibers in rugs, furnishings, and lighting can be important elements to incorporate in a new farmhouse look, and linen is always a great addition.  The modern farmhouse look is a special one with the perfect amount of tension in the look of the style. The stark contrast between black and white adds interest, while almost all other elements in the space add a softness that balances geometric lines and any modern pieces that are intermixed.  Keeping with a linen-look for upholstery helps maintain a soft, and fresh feel for a space. Mixing furniture styles can be intimidating to homeowners, although, creating a medley of vintage pieces with new pieces can be one of the most magical and original things one can do for his or her home!  It creates an interesting feel to an otherwise minimalistic design. Lastly, the finishing touches take this aesthetic to a different level. Stark- White-Barn-Doors out-fitted with black hardware, a mix of industrial design, mainly in the lighting or by using black window frames, topped off with a healthy dose of modern artwork and indoor plants elevates the look of a space and brings it into the 21st century.

A Clean, chic approach to Farmhouse design. Photo credit: Lonny Mag


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