What Never Goes Out Of Style: Natural Products

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It’s time to admit it: one of the most stressful parts of redesigning your home is managing to create a style that seems timeless, keeps up with trends, and lets your personality shine through. That’s a lot of pressure to put on to one design! When you try and make a design into too much, it can actually end up muddying the waters and creating something that is definitely not the style you’re going for.

A great way to prevent this from happening is by allowing different furniture and design aspects to fulfill different parts of the concept for the room. For example, you might love the color red, but imagine if you were to design your entire living room in various shades of scarlet. Magazine worthy? Potentially. But a way to achieve the style you’re going for? Almost definitely not.

At Henck Design, we’re here to help. We know that breaking down items into timeless, trendy, and personal can seem difficult. So we’re letting you in on some designer secrets. Many of our favorite items that never go out of style are natural products.

For years, people have loved to bring natural and organic elements inside their homes. Take wood floors, for example. They are one of the most classical design elements that people can imagine, they look great in every design, and they have so many varied appearances that they can easily be matched to a homeowner’s style (interested in learning more about wood floors? Check out our Ultimate Wood Floors Guide [link to blog] from April 2021!). Natural elements like these can make a space feel more calming, peaceful, and welcoming to the home.

But you don’t have to go so far as to redo all your floors to bring natural elements into your home’s design. Nature can be incorporated into homes in countless ways: furniture, rugs, lighting, accessories, you name it! We talked to the expert, Christina Henck herself [link to bio], on how to best incorporate natural elements into the home without redoing everything and she told us her three favorite ways of doing so!

Grass Rugs

While not made of the types of grass you are probably most familiar with, grass rugs have a versatility to them that can make them the perfect addition to any space. It’s easy to see the natural weave patterns in grass rugs and they are able to fit in with just about any room design.

Cowhide Rugs


Nothing is better than what nature can make and cowhide rugs are some of the best proof of that. Not only can they work in so many different interior design styles, they are incredibly versatile in terms of size and color.

Natural Stone


Without even realizing it, you’re probably already incorporating natural stone into your home’s design! With so many types of stone to choose from and no two being exactly alike, you’re sure to find something incredible that fits your style.

Between these three, you’ll easily be able to incorporate natural elements into your home’s design and give it that classic and timeless feel. At Henck Design, we specialize in helping our clients achieve their dream homes and making them last for as long as the client needs. To get an example of some of the amazing designs we’ve done for clients that have included a lot of natural elements, check out these amazing projects:

And remember, no matter how you choose to incorporate these natural elements, they will never go out of style! Whether completely redoing a new home or thinking of adjusting the design for your current one, there’s no better time than now to bring that organic and natural feeling inside with some amazing natural elements!

Visit our Interior Design Showroom in Queen Village [link to google 360] to talk to us about how we can take your space and maximize its potential to fit the new style that you’re dreaming of!

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