What Never Goes Out of Style: Natural Products – Cowhide Rugs

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Rugs are an incredibly versatile form of home decor, as they can be worked into just about every design (I mean, even if you’re crazy about wood floors, sometimes you want something soft and warm to walk on, right?) and can be matched with rugs of different types across a home and even in the same room. When you think about cowhide rugs, your brain might go to a few places. Masculine, farmhouse, rustic… any of those might pop into your head. But cowhide rugs can be a fabulous addition to so many different home aesthetics and design plans.

Part of their amazing appeal is how many variations there are of them. Every cowhide rug is one of a kind and that’s something that can’t be beat. Just as no two things created in nature are alike, no two cowhide rugs are alike. Every freckle and every brand (it’s possible that you’ll be able to see a brand on your cowhide rug; don’t worry, that’s part of the appeal and design) sets each cowhide rug apart from each other.

Cowhide rugs come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, too, such as palomino, black and white, gray, light brindle, dark brindle, and salt and pepper. As for the feel of the rug, there’s two types of cowhide rugs to choose from. You can either get hair on hide, which tends to have a slightly more rough texture or suede, which can feel softer. If you’re interested in styling a cowhide rug in a more modern space, you can also always go for a patchwork style of hair on hide colors!

Adding a cowhide rug to your home’s design is a great way to satisfy the timeless look that you might be searching for in your design. They certainly aren’t new inventions, after all; cows have been around for forever and people have always liked a warm, soft floor. Because of these wide array of colors and sizes, it can fit into any space and despite the traditionally rustic and farmhouse tones, it can actually come across as very modern. Another bonus of having a cowhide rug is that it promotes sustainability. By embracing a cowhide rug in your design, you’re committing to using every part of an animal and allowing the natural elements that you use in your everyday life to be fully incorporated into your design. It certainly isn’t something for the faint of heart or vegans, though!

One of our favorite projects has an amazing cowhide rug that we absolutely loved seeing in the space. We’re sure that no matter what cowhide rug you chose for your home, you’ll find one that fits your style perfectly and incorporates your other amazing natural elements!

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