A Luminous Impression

The desire for modern homeowners to have a soft fresh look is undeniable. Our world fills us with social media, technology, and advertisements abound. We live in an external environment of concrete and metal in the city. Henck Design clients come to us for retreat. They come to us because they need to add softness and simple luxury to their lives.

It was very important to us to add a certain sophisticated, comfortable, and clean style for this classic modern living room.

Velvety textures and fluffy finishes add a certain softness that every person who lives in the city craves. The goal was to create a space that adds comfort and tranquility to everyday life while maintaining a feeling of grandeur.

The luxe kitchen and dining rooms are ultra modern, and we incorporated some earthy elements and transitional pieces to support the architectural scheme and client’s style. Upstairs, the second living room space, used for entertaining, is immediately adjacent to some gorgeous roof decks that we also outfitted. Yes, Henck Design does outdoor furniture for our clients too!

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