A Mixed Motif Approach

This modern interior’s design is all about mixing old with new, and combining saturated jewel tones with graphic pattern to create a playful, yet elegant space. Entertainment is at the core of this Philadelphian homeowner’s lifestyle, and Henck Design has created a living space for just that.

Green plants and earthy textures add a natural element that compliments custom emerald green California style sofas. Vintage table lamps and brass mirrors add character with a touch of traditional charm. Henck took inspiration from the client’s musical taste and incorporated choice pieces from an extensive vinyl collection into gallery walls.

The family room remains sophisticated alongside Kelly Wearstler ‘s iconic Channels wallpaper in ivory, which creates a dramatic departure from the norm. The decor incorporates collections from travels and curated home accessories to express a sense of adventure.

American Walnut touches and fresh, white marble are reoccurring materials that compliment darker features like Sherwin Williams’ Naval Blue wall color in the master bedroom and the family room’s more dramatic hues.

Eclectic pieces like the taxidermy impala mount, layered art, and mid century moments create a mixed motif approach that Henck is known for. “Having just the right ratio of different elements is the key to a successful interior design, and our goal is always to reflect the client in our work while maintaining creative control”, says Christina Henck, owner at Henck Design.

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