A Waterfront Crow’s Nest

This condo building in the heart of Philadelphia’s Historic Old City was designed by Henck Design to tell the story of two clients with differing aesthetics. Henck created one cohesive look for the couple and was able to satisfy both with one blended style. One client is an award winning yoga instructor and studio owner, and the other, a professor of medicine and head in his medical division at Cooper Health. This interior design job was centered on marrying the sophisticated traditional ideals with an updated, Bohemian feel.

Critical to the design’s waterfront location, a coastal look was mixed with the sophistication an urban East Coast city condo’s style. Views through the floor to ceiling windows of the living room look straight out on Philadelphia’s iconic Ben Franklin Bridge.

Natural finishes like rattan, travertine, woven rugs, and sea grass offset the clean geometric patterns in draperies and metallic gold home accents throughout sunny city condo.

Ivory walls alongside saturated blues balance the white sofa, and reflective antique mirror finishes create an expansive feel for the master bedroom, living, and dining spaces. Custom millwork and navy-trimmed architectural features add a refinement to the otherwise relaxed quality throughout.
Green plants and succulents with fresh white furniture pieces create an on-trend look with a luxe feel. Henck Design sourced a large-scale handmade teak sculpture to incorporate the client’s love of Yoga and meditation.

In the master bedroom, reds and purple were introduced to the overall ivory and navy blue palette to add character and incorporate a classic Persian rug, balanced with grass cloth wallpaper on every expansive wall to energize the space.

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