Amber Street

These are images of a listed home on Amber Street in the neighborhood of Fishtown in Philadelphia. It is a three bedroom, three-story home with hardwood floors throughout. The living room is a nice open space right off a casual spacious dining room. Before Henck Design came in and space planned the living room, the large sectional was connected and swallowed up the space. We pulled it apart for ease circulation through the room, allowing the size to be shown to potential buyers and make best use of square footage. The scale of the furniture was right for the space, but the arrangement of it was not serving the homeowners well. There is a lovely area for a reading at the front of the first level with lots of natural light, so we staged it accordingly with an armchair and a floor lamp.

Henck design approaches real estate staging from a different perspective. We don’t’ walk in to empty spaces and load it full of furniture, costing the realtor money in furniture rental fees. Our ability to do home staging with a reasonable budget enables us to make the realtor’s job easier and more cost effective. We take the homeowner’s existing furniture and innovate with smart design to sell homes.