Balanced Bachelor Pad

Before Henck Design came to space plan & create balance with Feng Shui for this bachelor’s space, there was little room for growth and harmony among elements. The entertainment unit was too far away from the sofa, so it wasn’t a comfortable seat to view the television from. Because we were creating intention in placement of furniture, it was important for us to separate work from leisure spatially. Also, the bed did have a supportive head board before the redesign, but there was a large window behind it. That created a problem with the window treatments being operated, and getting the full use of it’s daylight for the space.

It is much more balanced to have a bed centered on a wall with a side table on either side, space permitting. The most important task from a Feng Shui perspective was to create distance between the desk and the bed. It is great to wake up, be inspired to work and reminded of duties, but for it to be the first thing a person sees in the morning and the last thing viewed before sleep, does not create a peaceful space. Now as you can see, there is an opportunity for rest, ease of making the bed, supportive elements for the person sleeping in the space and a functional entertainment situation.