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At Henck Design, our mission is to listen first, and design second. No matter where in the U.S. we take on our projects, we understand that every client is different and has individual needs. Our first step is always to hold a discovery phone call to get acquainted with the primary contact and learn more about your project.

We pride ourselves on communicating quickly and effectively. If you are interested in learning about getting started on your interior design project, please fill out our questionnaire below. We will be in touch to set up the following discovery call.

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Interior Design

With a combined 40+ years of experience in the A&D Industry, Henck Design excels not only in delivering beautiful interiors with a modern classic aesthetic, but we work very closely as a team to offer both exceptional customer service and a concierge-level experience for all of our interior design clients nationwide.

Nashville Staging

In a competitive real estate market like Nashville's, every detail counts in setting your property apart. Our team understands the market's pulse, curating spaces that not only showcase a property's unique character but also capture the discerning tastes of prospective buyers based on the interior design trends of the day.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Henck Design was created by Founder and CEO, Christina Henck. Originally from The South, Henck moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2010 to build her interior design firm. After eleven years, she’s returned to The South while keeping her thriving business in Philadelphia. In Nashville, TN she’s launched an additional branch that also offers home staging. Henck splits her time between the two cities and loves to travel.

At Henck Design, we create well designed “classic modern” interiors with a relaxed feel, whether commercial or residential with operational excellence at the forefront of our design process.
We put our customer satisfaction before our short term profits when we are met with challenges, because we believe that every customer has the ability to be a lifelong client and we want all our clients to return to us for their future endeavors, both personal and organizational.

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