Cooler by a Mile

Avalon New Jersey is all about freedom, recreation for family and friends, great nightlife, and fabulous shopping. This bayfront beach home allows for residents to relax, enjoy great views from balconies and rear floating dock. People come to Avalon is known for outdoor activities, beautiful beaches on the Jersey Shore, while shops and restaurants are right near by.

Modern touches reflect a classic beach house style with a youthful feel. Henck Design outfitted this home with furniture, lighting, and home accessories that appeals to any beachgoer in this ever-popular Jersey Shore town. Common themes are pineapples, the symbol of hospitality, and playful pops of color like blues, greens, and traditional design elements. This home’s design has a little bit for everyone.

Vacation homes, whether located in neighboring Stone Harbor, Cape May, or Margate, require a fresh interior design that implies seashells, sun glasses, and (true to the Jersey Shore) a nice boardwalk stroll. This 5 bedroom, 3½ bath home gives the classic “At The Shore” experience.

Wall colors remain clean and light, while contrasting elements like black and white stripes and navy blues add interest. Tall ceilings, new finishes, and tasteful furnishings ring true to the home’s purpose and the home owner is in love with this beach home as well as the local community.

“For more than a century, Avalon has been a popular vacation destination for beach lovers everywhere. Located on the 7 Mile Beach, sharing the island with Stone Harbor to the south, this island offers a unique charm that you won’t find anywhere else.” – via

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