Delancey Place, A Historic Home

This 7,150 square-foot colonial-style townhouse restoration seamlessly blends classic Philadelphia design elements. All this with the comforts of modern living. Henck Design’s interior design vision for the home’s redesign uses soothing colors of light blue tones and soft grays.

This, combined with an emphasis on natural elements and the use of modern furniture pieces, traditional wall coverings, and more. The interior design aesthetic elevates each living space using textural one-of-a-kind pieces and Turkish rugs along with extraordinary furnishings.

The details of this historic house are stunning. The home’s original 16″ plaster moldings along with the millwork are along the walls and doorways of this luxury interior. The location is on one of the most desired, tree-lined streets in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.

Academic leader Erika James has recently accepted the position as the Dean of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. As the new Dean of Wharton, she is both the first woman and the first Black person to lead the business school. This notable accomplishment is deserving of a distinguished living space, and the esteemed Erika James entrusted the opportunity to Henck Design.

You can imagine how honored the Henck Design team is to be awarded this project. The HD Team took on the interior design refresh in late 2021 and completed it in 2022. Major parts of the renovation included modernizing furniture, rugs, and light fixtures – as well as refurbishing the wall aesthetic.

The home was in great condition when the designers arrived, although it needed some updates to make the rooms uphold the homeowner’s day-to-day and executive hosting needs while adding modernity and softness to each room.

A customized 12-foot sectional sits in the family room, surrounded by two charming one-of-a-kind ottomans. Adorned in neutral print fabric, these ottomans can double as coffee tables when needed. With mirroring curved chaise lounges, this room offers plenty of seating for James’ wonderful guests. The HD team had a goal of creating the warmth a host’s home needs.

The sitting room, foyer, and front entry were all updated with fresh color palettes, transitional furnishings, and handmade Turkish rugs. Each of these three initial rooms are adjacent to the grand-scaled dining room. The substantial crystal chandelier in this dining room faces breathtaking, large-scale mirrors that line the walls to add light and energy to this expansive space. With the room’s openness and elegant energy, it is the perfect place to entertain family, friends, and colleagues.

The HD Team had the pleasure of collaborating with the esteemed, local Philadelphia Table Co. for this sophisticated project. The Philadelphia Table Co. helped craft the stunning 10-foot white oak table that captivates the dining room.

Pairing this with the custom-designed high back tufted navy blue chairs only adds to the sophisticated feel.

Large-scale items, such as art and oversized furniture pieces along with some vintage items are in this historic home. This held up the scale of the stately rooms and supports the authenticity of this Philadelphia Townhouses classic interior architecture. Of these features, iconic columns, traditional balusters, and original basketweave floor tile can be found.

The upstairs primary bedroom , the custom wingback headboard with large-scale nightstands and decorative lighting provides elegance for the primary bedroom that overlooks Delancey Place.

This interior design’s aesthetic will continue to stay as timeless as the original architecture of the home that envelopes it. The Henck Design team is confident that this home will suit the honorable Dean of Wharton and her family’s needs for years to come. This Philadelphian location is sure to impress all of the sophisticated guests they’ll be sure to host!

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