Fairmount’s Finest

This Client’s new construction townhouse in Fairmount Philadelphia job was the perfect opportunity to create a city spaces from a blank slate into a saturated and moody environment.

Saturated jewel tones, like amethyst, turquoise and emerald green are the perfect match with modern touches by way of brushed gold fixtures, picture frames and custom size art that adds a layer of dynamic modernity.

A deep viridian wall sets the stage and contrasts the black-and-white custom draperies and gold hardware. Two purple arm chairs flank the living room adding another color element of deep plum purple.

Downstairs a green rug complements the gold legs of a neutral sectional and the white marble of the coffee table. Black and white accents complete the look with a collection of Abstract art and pillows.

The kitchen finishes remain fresh and light, keeping the space modern and open with plenty of storage showcasing the breathtaking, green gray and gold bar cabinet. Hanging marble and gold shelves perfectly finish the kitchen espresso bar.

Jewel tones created a truly lux feel while gray finishes in kitchen and Master bedroom tied the look together to create the perfect environment for entertaining and lounging in this fabulous Fairmount home.

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