Henck Design Rooms

Looking to redesign a specific room in your home? Everyone who needs help with interior design has certain priorities, and sometimes it’s not an entire home. Many times people reach out to us with a need for 3 -5 rooms that need to be outfitted. Here is your guide to our past projects that will show you the range of design style we can offer you for the following room types.

We’ve developed this list of HD spaces so you can go straight to the room type that you’re looking for and see our award winning projects by room.

These are examples of our original interior design work done for homeowners over the years to renovate, and outfit high end and custom homes into complete interior design spaces for rooms like kitchens, family rooms, kids spaces and more.

Take a look to find your design inspiration for the specific rooms you’re looking to focus on whether you need decorating ideas for shelves or design ideas for small bathrooms.

Ready For Your Upgrade?

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