Lather Hair Studio

Lather Hair Studio is a salon in Brewerytown on West Girard Avenue. When we first entered the space, it was clear it would be a challenge to get four styling stations in such a small space. Space planning was the biggest interior design challenge for the Henck Design plan. The front room is long and narrow, and the second area with stations is just barely, and we mean down-to-the-inch within regulation size. The existing bathroom was a full bath, which was redesigned to be a powder room, allowing for a bit more space.

The front room has a large store front window to showcase a commercial space but lacked character when we first arrived. Finishes and accessories really changed the space overnight. All in all, the space was miraculously transformed for the better and everyone who walks in lights up when they walk in. Speaking of light, paint colors and finishes provide a beautiful opportunity for it to bounce around the salon during the day and track lights illuminate it nicely at night. The color scheme was a no brainer, we wanted bright funky colors to speak to a vintage, modern style but have touches of warm to keep it sophisticated overall. The clientele is exactly that mix and we knew who are audience was. Functional and fun, we pulled it together with a two month timeline. Here’s to smart design executed quickly!