Midcentury Now

Dubbed “Midcentury Now”, the components used to develop this space were a mixture of current, vintage, and eclectic sensibilities. The priority was to tie several looks together to create a cohesive mood for the space. Before we addressed the space, it was dark, earthy and felt like it was closing in on you. The goal was to create a bright, happy space that would benefit the every day life of the urban home’s occupant.

Henck Design used multiple colors together to create a holistic theme. If you look closely, you’ll see yellow, green, white, black, red and blue. We incorporated some more than others for specific reasons attributed to the consideration for the Feng Shui of the home. The client has a love for Midcentury pieces, and a great deal of reading material. The use of these two factors in addition to Feng Shui principles and the three together became the back bone for the project and the axis for the overall design.