Peek inside the home of Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins

Curbed Philadelphia - January 2018
The excitement is palpable on seemingly every street in Philly, as the city prepares for its Eagles to play the Patriots on Sunday in the Super Bowl 52. As a special way to commemorate the Birds’ big moment, local interior designer Christina Henck has offered Curbed Philly a peek into how one Eagles player in particular lives in Philly. In 2016, Henck designed the Northern Liberties home of the Eagles’ football safety Malcolm Jenkins, transforming a new house in Northern Liberties into a sleek, modern home with some colorful personality.

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What Will You Embody in the New Year?

Steelyard - January 2018
Steelyard Access asked 9 interior designers to share what they will embody and how they will be in 2018. Their answers are personal and inspiring. Featuring Christina Henck.

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Design is my Life

Emerge Magazine
In an interview with Emerge Magazine, Christina Henck details what brought her into the world of design. Get to know why Christina is so passionate about creating beautiful spaces for her clients to live and work in.

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Henck Design's Guide to the Perfect Master Bedroom

Philadelphia RowHome Magazine - Summer 2017
What makes the perfect master bedroom? One that includes everything you need, of course. But what do you really need in the bedroom? The master bedroom's most obvious use is sleep. It is where we rest our heads at night after a long day at work or where we go when we need a quick power nap to recharge our batteries. Here are a few ways to create a restful and stylish sanctuary.

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Room of the Week: A Punch of Personality You’re Going to Love

Philadelphia Magazine - June 2017
Personality is all over this pad. This room comes to life with vibrant details yet somehow stays sleek and sophisticated–but how? Lucky for you, we have the lowdown on what interior design maven Christina Henck has to say about making your home a hip–and happy–place. Find out how to get the look below.

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A Fresh Start for a New Spring Season

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Spring 2017
Spring Equinox and several religious holidays around this time period, like Easter and Passover, symbolize new beginnings. Americans have our springtime rituals like cleaning and organizing. We all know if you renew your home, you renew your life!

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Design Philadelphia 2016

Design Philadelphia
Each of three staged penthouse installations are comprised of the efforts of various designers, local furniture stores, local textile designer refurbishers, and InLiquid artists. Participants include: Christina Henck of Henck Designs, Dane Decor, and Woke Souls — alongside InLiquid Artists Bobbie Adams, Linda Dubin Garfield, Erica Harney, and Sandi Neiman Lovitz, running concurrently with Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.

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Lasting Style

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Fall 2016
Who needs to keep up with the latest cycle of trends when you know what never goes out of style? Just remember, there’s no one formula for classic design. The elements of a room must be in harmony with one another. Elements like pattern, texture, color and arrangement are all keys to creating a whole, happy space that will always be a classic.

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Apartment Walks at Park Towne Place

InLiquid Art+Design
Join InLiquid at Park Towne Place Museum District Residences for Apartment Walks! Curated by designers in partnership with DesignPhiladelphia, as well as the staging of artwork by InLiquid artist members, four apartments in the East Tower of Park Towne Place Museum District Homes will be transformed into designed interior installations that are open to the public and centered upon the theme of “Home.”

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Designing Women

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Summer 2016
Women are flooding the workplace more than ever before in history, especially in the U.S. We’re not being paid the same amount as men… but let’s not get off topic. The number of women-owned businesses (WOBs) in the U.S. is growing at twice the rate of all companies. Currently, women own about 30 percent of U.S. firms, according to

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Real People, Real Results

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Spring 2016
In the spirit of spring's emerging fresh start, I'll share a design anecdote with you. It is all about real people collectively working together to achieve great results for a home's fresh start.

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3 Ways To Warm Up Your Home When the Weather Cools Down

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Fall 2015
There is more than one way to create a warm space. In the Interior Design World, we consider two types of warmth. The first is aesthetic warmth achieved with accessories, lighting, and finishes to enhance a room. The second is functional, physical warmth accomplished with fireplaces, and mechanical systems. Consider these solutions for a different approach in revamping your home this season for an inviting living space.

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A Restoritive Space.

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Summer 2015
Let’s face it. Having a beautifully decorated home is the way to make a style statement. Fine furniture, lavish draperies, and imported rugs are great ways to impress your guests, and make your home sophisticated and elegant. Sometimes, you’ve got to liven things up! Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where your energy lies. Here are 4 ways to enliven a space and support your day-to-day energy.

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5 Ways to Spruce up Your Home this Spring

Philadelphia Row Home Magazine - Spring 2015
Cluster your living room furniture in a social way. If you’re in a Philadelphia Row Home that has a long and narrow space, breaking it up with more than one seating area can create a nice flow in an otherwise difficult format. Keep in mind that a desirable conversation area is about 10 feet in diameter.

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Christina Henck, Henck Design

Christina Henck is originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, near New Orleans, LA. She grew up in a very architecturally rich place featuring French and Spanish colonial architecture along with Arts and Crafts and Bungalow styles, which inspired her from an early age. Shopping for antiques with family and exposure to design motifs in home furnishings were regular activities in her early development.

Christina Henck has always identified as a designer, gluing Mardi Gras beads to metal furniture as a child. Her father was a well-respected architect in Chicago and South Mississippi. In order to live out her father’s legacy and build her own career in the related field of interior design, she has taken on residential redesigns, renovations and interior design work in the Philadelphia area in recent years. She has done this through her company of which she is the owner and creator, Henck Design LLC.

Fine Arts and the Business worlds, being a challenge to mesh, led her to peruse and obtain a 5-year degree Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The University of Southern Mississippi. Classically trained in Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, Christina Henck brings a fine arts view to interiors that sets Henck Design apart.

“I’ve created this company because I want to make a difference in peoples’ everyday lives. I yearn to create beautiful spaces that inspire my clients and their guests. I revel in the thought that people who would otherwise have a very bland dwelling can benefit from my ability to transform space to give them a fresh perspective and a fabulous living environment to meet their day to day needs.” – Christina Henck