Refined + Casual

This new construction property in Northern liberties is the 5000 square-foot, home to Philadelphia Eagles, Malcolm Jenkins and his beautiful wife and daughter. Henck Design did material selections for every inch of the home. We selected flooring, tile, bathroom vanities, rugs, furniture and more.

The first photos shown are of the 4th floor lounge area with full kitchenette, complete with dishwasher for easy access from the roof deck on the top level and guests in adjacent bedrooms. We collaborated with our clients to decide on the black and white eclectic circular wall paper from Scion. The clean look allows for the room to be modern while supportive of rustic pieces for an eclectic, realaxed look.

Three guest bedrooms are featured here. The first repeats the eclectic patterns and motifs from the lounge for a traveled, earthy feel. In the second bedroom we used bright whites from Restoration Hardware and deep blues to create a nautical feeling. The third, colorful bedroom, has a little bit of everything. It’s got some blues, some pinks, and soft neutrals to tie the whole floor together. Our goal was to create a cohesive guest floor design, with rooms that feel different, and that have their own personalities.

The daughter’s bedroom, we treated with care. White and gray carpet squares from Flor create a fun pattern, in neutral tones, taking a back seat to the other colorful accessories in her room. Bright pinks play off cool grays and the green of her daddy’s (often chanted) E-A-G-L-E-S balloons. Could this room be any cuter? The canopy really is the icing on the cake!