HD’s Featured Residential Work

This is a collection of Henck Design’s most recent residential interior design projects. These projects consist of upscale beachfront homes, updated Tudor revival style homes, transitional modern farmhouse residences, contemporary city condominiums, and estates removed from the bustle of the city in nearby suburbs.

HD is known for our “Classic Modern” aesthetic which honors all modern architectural styles by mixing age-old motifs with modern touches. Our set of looks or Design Decks from which we develop our aesthetics, appeal to a wide; many, thus suiting our goal to continue to grow in the national space.

Henck Design serves clients nationwide by incorporating a variety of aesthetics that inspire each client we touch as individuals in both local and national communities, to thrive in well-designed spaces that improve daily lives via Henck Design talent and imaginative solutions.

Henck Design has created residential spaces in and around Pennsylvania, Middle Tennessee, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, and Florida.