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Residential Interior Design

Henck Design excels in not only delivering beautiful residential interiors; we work as a team to offer exceptional customer service and a truly concierge-level experience for our clients from the Northeast to the American South.

HD’s most recent residential interior design projects, shown below, consist of beachfront residences, updated homes that needed major renovation work, new construction luxury homes, and contemporary city condominiums.

Henck is known for not being limited to producing a single style; rather a range of design styles, as she and her team focused on “designing for the client”. By developing a range of styles, HD is able to inspire individuals from all walks of life to begin or continue their design journey.

Functional design is important to us at Henck Design. We want the spaces we design to be long-lasting and we want the process to be hassle free for our clients.
Full-service interior design encompasses all aspects of a design project, involving design conception, selection of materials, furniture, rugs, and lighting. Space planning, project management, and final installation are all part of our full-service offerings. Our objective is to provide a seamless experience, transforming spaces according to our client's needs.

We are known for working with the best in the homebuilding industry and offer our clients the best solutions for building, renovating, and refinishing work needed for each interior design project.

Residential Design FAQ

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