Elevated New Construction in Bucks County

Chalfont, PA

This Modern Farmhouse style home in the heart of Bucks County, PA uses inspiration from the outdoors. With a touch of modern design, the local landscape and character the area complements this home's exterior and interior.

The ability to mix several interior design styles into one cohesive space is what Henck Design is known for. This new construction home in Chalfont, PA, needed to be set up to become a family home for our clients, nestled in between Lansdale and Doylestown, is the perfect example. The modern rustic home’s interior design focuses on a neutral color palette along with soft and subtle cool tones. This color scheme moves through upholstery and woven goods.

In the kitchen design, you’ll notice an overall theme of neutral tones. With white cabinets and touches of rustic, warm brown tones our team created a contrast. This contrast emulates sophistication but is still soft enough to promote visual comfort. The darker wood finishes take center stage in this design aesthetic - all while the medium brown color drapes and accentuates the warm and cozy ambiance.

By offsetting the neutral color palette along with deep blues into the kitchen island and family room, this interior design again uses a cool contrast for this rustic style modern home. This sophisticated contrast is what separates this rustic and refined design from a traditional farmhouse.

It’s no wonder Henck Design was awarded Best of Style for this Year - The walls of the dining room and adjacent home office are both painted in deeper, more saturated paint colors than those found in other living spaces. These moody rooms add a bit more drama while maintaining the modern farmhouse design alongside deep wood tones and textured materials.

Built-ins and floating shelves provide an opportunity to showcase objects that personalize the home in an organized way. At Henck Design, we are committed to incorporating at least one vintage piece per room, and this shelving solution provided the opportunity to display unique vintage finds seamlessly.

One of Henck Design’s trademarks is to extend the paint color onto the ceiling rather than leaving it white. This project is a perfect example of the use of paint color for the dining room space. Extending the paint color to the ceiling makes the spaces feel all the more cohesive.

Pillows, art, fresh greenery, and woven materials like baskets and rugs add character and make a home feel unique in the living spaces. In kitchen areas, the Henck Design team thoughtfully incorporated breadboards, dishware, display trays, and a wooden bowl for fruit.

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