Richmond Street

In Bridesburg, Philadelphia, you’ll find lots of properties showing, but none quite like this on Richmond Street. Henck Design transformed boring bedrooms into hip creations. We took a basement crammed full of toys and decluttered. Seeing is believing – we know, so check out the before and after photos!

Limited by what furniture and bedding options the owner had, we used existing items to transform these spaces. This property is a 4 bedroom home, which means it was no small task, but we staged it quickly and efficiently using the available furnishings and arranging them in the best possible ways. There were some midcentury pieces to choose from and the homeowners had a fun, quirky style, which we were able to put to good use!

We stage homes at properties that have some existing furniture that we can work with to create a more balanced, decluttered arrangement of furnishings, wall hangings and home accessories. In short, we can se what the homeowner already has! Henck Design knows how to get the biggest bang for the buck.

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