RiverCrest Golf Club

When the Henck Design team first visited RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve in 2019, Christina Henck’s interior designer’s eye couldn’t help but appreciate the well-known venue’s incredible potential.

Flash forward to 2020, and the devastating pandemic that brought the entire hospitality industry to a halt, including RiverCrest. The Phoenixville club had long been a premier wedding venue for Philadelphia, Chester, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. When its owners decided to take advantage of their enforced hiatus by renovating, they called Henck Design. Their request: transform the venue’s key spaces by creating neutral yet elegant entertaining areas—perfect for weddings and special events.

First up, the bridal suite. Henck decided to reinvent the space with a fresh, feminine, and romantic aesthetic. This included all-new finishes such as wallpaper with a stunning metallic pattern— and bespoke built-ins, such as a series of vanity mirrors flanked by elegant wall sconces and a full salon bar with streamlined chrome stools in a soft, sophisticated palette.

The reception area is, by definition, a crucial element of the introductory ambiance at any venue, and RiverCrest Golf Club was no exception. Here, Henck blended elegance and neutrality with customized gold and ivory wallpapers that wrap around the space, setting the scene for the design delights that characterize the remainder of the RiverCrest experience. One of the lofty reception area’s most extraordinary details, hands down, has to be the custom carpet. Curated and developed by Christina Henck, working in inspired tandem with her talented team members, this one-of-a-kind flooring was crafted to complement the existing carpet designs of the adjacent ballroom and circulation area.

The Henck Design team has successfully blended transitional design motifs with contemporary color palettes and thoroughly reimagined furnishings. In doing so, they’ve elevated this hospitality interior design project in the heart of Philadelphia’s most storied and illustrious suburban landscape.

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