Trust the Henck Design Process

Henck Design welcomes you to Trust the Process!

Here, we break down the entire Henck Design process so there are no surprises, and the client fully understands how we ensure quality control, and a timely design.

Henck Design's Goals

At Henck Design, we finish all projects in 4 to 7 months.

Our top three goals are:

  • Project Coordination
  • Clear Client Expectations
  • Timely Design

We have created this progress guide so new clients can clearly understand how we operate and ensure the best client experience.

Henck Design - Design Goals

Initial Consultation

The first step to the Henck Design process is to have an initial consultation. During this meeting we gather information about the client and their family’s lifestyle needs for the project. This meeting can be held virtually via Zoom in or in person at the clients’ requirement.

During this meeting we collect important information in order to create a proposal for the clients property.

The stacked fieldstone of the living room fireplace is painted a dusty blue, which makes the space feel more modern while adding continuity with the colorful decor.

Proposal & Contract

The second step is to receive the Henck Design proposal and contract for the project.

Each proposal is tailored specifically for the client and the items received in the initial consultations.

Items outlined in the proposal include:

  • List of furnishings for the scope of the project
  • A broken out budge by room
  • Explanation of design services
  • An overall budget for the project scope

We always schedule to review the proposal with the client to see if any adjustments need to be made.

The second step is to receive the Henck Design proposal and contract for the project.

Design Direction

At Henck Design, we use Pinterest as a tool to inspire and curate specific interior design styled and collaborate with the client to ensure clarity of design style from the beginning.

Reference material from new clients are always welcomed. The more information the client can provide about their aesthetic and design goals, the better.

To see inspiration on custom curated Henk Design boards visit @HenckDesign.

Design Direction by Christina Henck

Design Research

After Henck Design gathers information to get clarity on design direction, the team requires 2 to 3 weeks to make furnishing selections, order samples, curate finishes and check stock/pricing on items.

Items that the interior designers will be researching are as follows:

  • Case Goods
  • Upholstered Items
  • Wallpapers
  • Light Fixtures
  • Fabric Selections
  • Rug Options
  • Developing Paint Colors
  • And More
Henck Deisgn research and pricing

Design Presentation & Order #1

The primary goal of the design presentation is for the client to get visibility on the selections the team made for the project. With professionally rendered images of furnishing and other selections, paint and fabric samples, Henck Design is able to showcase the vision for the client’s new spaces.

At the time of presentation, we obtain client approval and payment or order #1.

Design Presentation Henck Design

Project Coordination

Following the client approval, the Henck Design Project Coordinators will begin project coordination steps.

This includes:

  • Placing and Coordinating orders
  • Logistics Coordination
  • Customer Service Correspondence
  • General Projection Oversight
  • Warehouse Management and Planning
Design Direction with Henck

Follow Up Design Meetings

These meetings are to discuss and approve any additional project developments and review furniture rug, and lighting orders and options as needed.

Follow up Design Meetings

Interior Design Installation

Henck Design has affiliate partnerships with warehouses in order to deliver clients White Glove services. The warehousing and delivery fee depends on the size of a project, but tends to range between $1k to $5k. The warehouse fee is independent of the Henck Design scope of work.

At the time of install, the Henck Team is on site and items are placed at the direction of the Designers discretion. We are 100% committed to resolving any issues that may arise. We have the experience to deal with any situation that comes our way.

Henck Design has affiliate partnerships with warehouses in order to deliver clients White Glove services.

Home Accessories & Styling

To complete the design vision, the Henck Design team adds personalized, extraordinary elements. Henck Designs’ extensive home decor inventory ensures style and longevity for the clients space for years to come.

Home Accessories & Styling

Trust the Process

Henk Design’s #1 goal is to create spaces that reflect our clients. Part of our process is directly dependent on clients availability and involvement to ensure the success and the timeline of the project. We do require our clients to be committed and be active participants.

Thank you for your interest in Henck Design! We can’t wait to get started to help you create the interior spaces of your dreams.

Trust the Process