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How to Pick the Perfect Chandelier

Living in a Philly row home sometimes means compromising space, but it should never mean compromising style. Your dining room’s design deserves lavish treatment—and what better way to show it than with the perfect chandelier?

Need some tips to make sure you pick the right chandelier for your home? Take it from one of the top Philadelphia row home interior designers. We’ve been bringing balanced, functional design solutions to homes throughout Philadelphia, from Fishtown to Northern Liberties and beyond. Just take a look at some homes in our Philadelphia interior design showcase.

Here’s what we recommend for choosing a chandelier that complements your home:

  • 1. Take into account the entire décor of the room. Make sure that the chandelier complements the style of the other pieces in the room & matches the home’s era & architecture. It’s all about respect. Respect the original bones of your home to ensure your new chandelier does not clash with what you already have. You shouldn’t have to center the décor of your home on your chandelier; it should be the other way around. Henck Design is known for mixing old with new, and our specialty is creating balance among mixed aesthetics for our clients. Henck Design did a total redesign at Pier 3 Condos a couple of years back. This traditional home had to have a transitional fixture; we couldn’t go too modern with it.
  • 2. The size of the chandelier (vertical & horizontal). Size does matter in this case. Too big? Too small? You just know something looks off. The last thing that you want is for your chandelier to completely dominate a room, but having your guests barely notice its presence can be just as big a faux pas. It can be difficult to find the size that’s just right for your dining room when you don’t know what to look for. The chandelier size should fit the dining room and the dining room table. Some people prefer different drop measurements for the chandelier. We at Henck Design recommend a 30-35 inch drop between the bottom of the fixture and the surface beneath it.
  • 3. The amount of light that the chandelier emits. Your light should illuminate the whole room without being too bright or harsh. Finding that balance can be tricky, which is why many hanging lights are put on a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting to your personal preference. Factors like the size of the room and the amount of natural light coming in influence how well the chandelier will illuminate the room. Check out Henck Design’s awesome chandelier selection at Moyer Street in Fishtown.

The selection for chandeliers has become so varied that these fixtures can suit almost any taste and dining room. Pottery Barn has some amazing pieces that we find absolutely daydream-worthy and could be perfect for you!

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