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Design Philadelphia

Henck Design partnered with Design Philadelphia, InLiquid Art+Design, and a mid century modern furniture store, Dane Decor in 2016 to create a Mondrian Inspired Penthouse installation.

All design choices, concepts and curation was done by Christina Henck, Owner of Henck Design. Christina Henck’s concept is primarily driven by 3 elements.

1. Contemporary finishes of the Penthouse (current)
2. Inspiration via Piet Mondrian (works from 1920’s-40’s)
3. Mid Century Modern aesthetic via Dane Decor (1930’s-60’s)

“I want my viewers to walk into a space and feel like they’ve been taken into another time. I’ve curated the space to encapsulate multiple time periods and identifiable references. I want people to see Mondrian, without it being too literal. I also want the space to feel like an art installation, rather than a ‘staged property.” – Christina Henck

The black & whites used in the space are just as important as the colors mixed throughout with our art, furniture, and accessories. The RED pops will move the viewer’s eye around the room, to ensure a cohesive experience. The BLUE will remind them that cooling colors must accompany bright ones for a soft feeling space, and YELLOW adds energy and is essential to complete the Primary Triad.

The juxtaposition of the modern lines of the condo, and the colors found in Erika Harney’s art (exhibited here), come together to create a cohesive design. The concept includes geometric shapes, the primary palette, and mid-centry modern style furniture repeating classics from design decades past.