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Keys to the Perfect Master Bedroom

We offer residential interior design Philadelphia dwellers love! Find out how to create a master bedroom that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to face the world.

What makes the perfect master bedroom? One that includes everything you need, of course. But what do you really need in the bedroom, you ask?

At Henck Design, we’re all about updating residential interior designs in Philadelphia with new furniture and home accessories. From pendants to patterned rugs, we love maximizing spaces with pieces that provide both form & function to our clients’ homes.

When it comes to the master bedroom, we could go on and on with tips for the perfect design, so think of this blog as the tip of the iceberg. That being said, we definitely had a tough time narrowing down some great tips, but we did it!

We all know what the master bedroom is used for. Its most obvious use is sleep—the bedroom is where we rest our heads at night after a long day at work, or where we go when we need a quick power nap to recharge our batteries. It all comes down to getting rest, and optimizing rest involve more than just bedroom design. There are little things you can do before sleep while lying in bed. Before we get to the design elements, we’ll break down some of these techniques.

According to Ariana Huffington, the evening around bedtime should be used to disconnect from tablets, phones, and televisions. Brightly lit screens keep our eyes and brains alert, so it’s important to take time to power down your electronic devices and get in the mindset for sleep. That means if you have a television, instead of watching it until you fall asleep, turn it off about 20 minutes before you start trying to fall asleep. If you have a phone or tablet, find the willpower to put it on the bedside table beside you so your mind can begin to power down for the night, rather than stimulating it with more information. It might sound boring, and certainly requires lots of discipline, and you might not even feel tired yet, but you’ll gradually become sleepier and most likely have a more peaceful sleep.

You use the bedroom for much more than sleep, however. It’s also the sanctuary where you relax and get ready to face the world, so it’s important it meets your needs in this way, too.

Color choice can have a big effect on how your bedroom makes you feel. Soft, cool colors are common choices because they’re calming. Specifically, shades of blue bring calmness and are a popular bedroom color choice.

Symmetry is naturally appealing to the eye and is a spatial layout we’re drawn to. It promotes balance and peace, which facilitate positive vibes every bedroom should have. Master bedrooms often have a symmetrical layout, especially if shared by two people. If for whatever reason your bedroom doesn’t allow for a symmetrical layout, you can still include certain symmetrical focal points for promoting peace.

We’re just getting started with our master bedroom design tips! Keep reading for our three must-haves for a beautiful, functional bedroom you’ll love.

3 Master Bedroom Must-Haves for Philly Residents

Henck Design has come up with a list of our top must-haves for the master bedroom: the keys to unlocking your perfect design. Here’s how to transform your bedroom from a sleeping space into your own little sanctuary.

The master bedroom stores so many of the possessions that we reach for on a daily basis. Clothing, shoes, and jewelry are the first things that spring to mind. These things need to be properly organized in the bedroom for the most pleasant day-to-day experience. Living in clutter is no way to live since cluttered surroundings lead to a cluttered mind. As you get older and begin to adhere to a stricter timetable, you’ll realize just how important it is to live in an organized space.

Clothing should be hung up in the closet or folded away neatly in drawers. Remember, the more organized you are now, the easier it will be to find something when you’re in a rush. That’s the key to storage: knowing exactly where to find the things you’ve stored. Plus, coming up with your own system can be kind of fun.

  • The first must-have for the master bedroom that Henck Design recommends is twin nightstands. Having matching nightstands on either side of the bed is a simple way to add symmetry to the bedroom. Add matching lamps, pendants or candles on top of or above nightstands to complete the look. We recommend lighting for ease of bedtime reading and added function for the bedroom. We always recommend at least one drawer in a nightstand, and actually love this new concept that we often employ at Henck Design: using two small dressers to flank the bed. We love this especially for clients who need extra space! It adds at least 4-6 square feet of storage if we use small dressers rather than traditional square night tables. Nightstands also provide a decent amount of storage, which is super handy. There’s tons of stuff you need by your bedside: books to read at night when you can’t sleep, a box of tissues, a place to put your phone (because it can’t be more than five feet away from you at all times). There are so many things you can keep in your nightstand that will be just an arm away when you’re in bed. And if you have company or a partner, we’re sure they’d appreciate some bedside storage space as well. There’s nothing more annoying than having to fight over one nightstand on one side of the bed.

  • Jewelry organizers are a must-have for the ladies, and hey, men need them, too! Jewelry organizers can be very fashionable if you pick the right one. They come in so many different styles and finishes that it won’t be hard to find one that matches your décor. They’re great storage pieces for any bedroom. Save yourself a headache and hang up all your necklaces to avoid getting chains tangled. Keeping your jewelry properly stored will also prolong its lifespan. If you’re not spending the big bucks on your jewelry, keeping pieces separate will slow down discoloration and wear.

  • Henck Design’s third must-have for the master bedroom is a wall-mounted television. Having a television in your bedroom is a preference, not a necessity, and just because it’s there doesn’t mean have to use it all the time. If you do choose to have one, make it a wall-mounted television. Here’s why: you can adapt wall-mounted televisions to any position in the room. No matter where you’re lounging, a wall-mounted television lets you avoid that awful glare from the window. Wall-mounted TVs also allow for more surface space at the top of your dresser for ease of storage (yes ladies, we’re talking about jewelry storage!). Pretty much all new TVs are designed to be hung on the wall. It’s better for viewing at the right height and creating a comfortable line of vision, and hanging them is easier than you think. Lastly, wall-mounted TVs create a sleek look. When TVs are wall-hung, they’re only 1-3 inches off the wall rather than 6 or more inches.

These must-haves will change the way you maneuver around and use your master bedroom, improving its daily function. At Henck Design, we don’t just want to help our clients create beautiful spaces; we want those spaces to be functional and supportive. Here’s a link to one of our recent jobs that makes good use of all the notable “must-haves” discussed here: Dramatically Neutral.


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This blog was featured on the Macey & Moore Top 50 Bedroom Interior Design Blogs of 2018.