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Henck Design’s Favorite Color Trends for 2017

Philadelphia interior decorator Henck Design is revealing our picks of the top color trends for 2017 & some tips on how we would style furniture, rugs & lighting in our own homes.

Color is one of the most important aspects of interior design—and we love color! It affects the mood and applies to the walls, furniture, and appliances in every room. No matter how small an area it covers, color can wield a powerful effect on the whole space. Need a positive mood boost? Need to calm your nerves? Maybe you’re trying to conjure up some romance? Colors can make all of these things possible, or at least help good vibes permeate.

When was the last time you updated some of the colors in your living space? It’s easy to get comfortable with the current setup, but remember that people are proponents of growth and change, and your living space should be changing with you. As your needs and aspirations evolve, the atmosphere of your home should reflect that to serve you best.

If you’re not sure where to begin, trend-driven colors are a great direction to take when your home feels stale and in need of an update. Trends can be fickle, but as long as you take steps to tailor them to your personal style, you can make them last far beyond the expiration date. Start small with home accessories or go big with furniture if you’re feeling adventurous. A good first step is to make color changes that are noticeable but not completely overwhelming.

In order to keep your living space on trend this year, we have a few colors you should consider trying out. It’s time to find some creative ways to implement the color and fashion trends for the new season!

3 Home Interior Color Trends to Try


Jewel Tones

One of our favorite color trends is jewel tones. Jewel tones will say a lot about your personality as well as the room. What do you want your room to say? If you haven’t thought about it before, this trend will make you start to. They pop! Jewel tones are super pigmented colors that will leave a big impression on your guests. Our favorite four are ruby red, emerald green, amethyst, and topaz.

Jewel tones are also known to evoke certain emotions and subconsciously play on our moods. It works the same way with paint & fabric colors in your home. Most people are keen on setting certain moods in certain rooms. Reds & deep tones create romance in the bedroom, purple & greens are great for sleeping, while earthy tones create a calm atmosphere in the living room. Whatever mood you’re trying to convey, these colors can help. Powder rooms are great with dramatic dark colors to add interest for when guests visit. Check out this Elle Decor article to see the latest wallpaper trends.

Pink & Rose Gold

The second color trend we recommend is using pink in new, unexpected ways. Depending on the shade, the color pink can say a lot! Also, depending on pattern and texture, pink can be more versatile than most people realize. We love pink combined with granny-style florals, a traditional style that’s been given on new life. Instead of making your home look dated, this style will add a bit of whimsy. It’s difficult to know which to choose, but with a little imagination, you might surprise yourself with your ideas. At Henck Design, we can help guide you toward the best color options for your home.

Rose gold is back in style and we’re excited about it. It’s another way to be luxurious without falling back on the “gold standard”. It’s important to know that it lacks permanent staying power in the world of style and fashion; however, it has popped up again in 2016 and it’s making its way into 2017 as well. Known for being soft and feminine, the color is bringing a new feel to traditionally more masculine kitchen appliances and hardware. Things like trashcans, drawer handles, and toasters all look warm and luxurious in rose gold. While trends never last forever, this one might be fun to indulge in for a little while.


Another color trend that’s hot for 2017 is white. White is the new black, as we like to say. It’s understandable why the color white might make some people a bit hesitant, especially when it comes to furniture. There’s always the fear of dirt. Nobody wants to have their home looking unclean, but never fear, there are ways around that. Most of the newer white furniture is stain resistant, washable and wipeable. So what’s stopping you now?

Did you know that white is one of the few colors that promotes mental clarity and positivity? It’s perfect to have in your home when your lifestyle is stressful or you have a hectic work environment. We all need clarity when the weight of the world gets us down! Imagine coming to home to pure positivity after a bad day. Some white can help transform any room into your own little sanctuary to improve your mood.

Your color choices will be some of the most important choices you make for your living space, because color applies to practically everything and different colors feed off of each other to create harmony or chaos. Remember that it’s easier to change the color of certain objects over others, so while it is fun to experiment with color, be mindful of where it’s going & how long you plan on living with it. You’re entering a short- or long-term commitment to these colors. At Henck Design, we understand the value of color and we can help advise you on how to select the best color options for your home. We offer color selection consultations to clients, in which we educate them on selecting the best colors for their homes. We also do home styling sessions with our clients at the end of every interior design job we do in Philadelphia, the Main Line and the surrounding area. Contact us for more info.

Here’s one of our favorite color articles from Elle Decor on the top 2017 color trends.

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