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Henck Design Color Trends 2017: Jewel Tones

2017 is the time to embrace vibrant colors. Be bold. Jewel tones are bold colors that are loud and are impossible to go unnoticed in a room. If you want to be a showoff try this playful aesthetic! These saturated colors will bring life and richness to your home like real life gems.

Jewel tones can also affect the mood of a home’s occupants and certainly speak to the personality of the homeowner. What do you want your home to say about you? Or how do you want to feel when you walk into a room? These are some questions that you should probably ask yourself before you choose a color for accent pieces. This is a trend that can speak for itself but you need to know what you want your space to say. Jewel tones are powerful enough to communicate by simply being a color and when you use them as accents, you can easily layer & swap!

Emerald green, amethyst, ruby red and topaz are the most popular jewel tones that are trending. Jewel tones can shine on their own or blend well with others. With so many options, the styling possibilities are endless. We love jewel tones with clean black & whites.

Ruby Red
Ruby red is a confident color. It is a deeper shade of red that takes all of the primary colors’ desirable qualities and kicks them up a notch. It’s bolder, louder and sexier. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.
Surprisingly, ruby red is one of the easiest shades of red to decorate with. It has deep tones of purple and brown that pair well with a variety of other colors. Combined with other bright colors, ruby red can create an intimate, romantic atmosphere. Ideal for bedrooms, this kind of atmosphere brings warmth to the room and makes it feel inviting for future partners. According to Feng Shui, red & pink tones represent the love and relationships area of a home. Need more passion in your life? Ruby red is the way to go!

Emerald Green
Emerald green is the most sophisticated jewel tone. As a stone, it has a history of being the epitome of sophistication. The color naturally exudes classic elegance & there are many different ways that it can be used in the home and yet still achieve the same result.
The color makes for a gorgeous contrast against white and black furniture in any room. Indulge your regal side by adding some gold accessories too. This is a pretty common color combination that produces luxurious results. We also love this with a high gloss black or black fur!
It looks stunning when paired with wood as well. Picture head-to-toe emerald green walls, the room decorated with wooden furniture- a coffee table, a bookshelf. Or even just having a wooden accent on the furniture would work. Don’t forget, you can use color on your floors too!

Often described as soft and serene, amethyst is the perfect jewel tone for small accessories in the home. Having little pieces placed around a room can create an overall feeling without overpowering. This shade of purple can even seem subtle in comparison to other jewel tone colors. When a pale shade, and when it’s at it’s at its full intensity it just needs to be paired with more neutral, minimal colors to make it shine. We like to pair it with silver & white. It’s an incredibly popular color, known for its sparkle & ability to inspire beauty.

Topaz creates calmness in a room and helps to balance emotions. Combine this shade with other cool colors to create a modern feel in the room. Henck Design recommends using it in a palette of other cool colors. We have also paired it with royal blue & navy to create a warm/cool contrast that thrilled our clients in Bella Vista. Topaz combined with other shades of blues and greens can make a room look modern and chic. Cooler colors are going to be dominant in 2018, so break out your color wheel and start experimenting.

Henck Design can help with color consults, we do home styling sessions with our clients at the end of every interior design job that we do in Philadelphia, the Maine Line and the surrounding area. Contact us for more info.

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Photo Credits:
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