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Henck Design Color Trends 2017: Pink & Rose Gold

Photo Credit: Photograph by Paola Pansini for Bloomberg Pursuits

Forget all of your preconceived notions about the color pink: Feminine. Girly. Baby. Well, actually those still hold pretty true, but open your mind to some other adjectives that can be used to describe pink too.  Different shades give color depth that we recommend you explore in 2017. Different shades of pink have the ability to set different moods and give off completely different (not pink) vibes than you’d expect for your home.

Every couple of years or so the fashion cycle repeats itself & rose gold creeps back into social consciousness. When rose gold is hot, it’s hot, and by hot we mean that it’s on kitchen appliances, jewelry, iPhones- even trash cans. When it’s not, it kind of disappears behind more classic shades of pink. Rose gold is more fashion forward than gold at the moment and makes its own glamorous statement. Strike while the time is right and take a chance on this trending color! We love to pair it with other pink & mauve tones for a monochromatic look. How can you make it a practical choice? Mix it with navy blue & black accents!

We’ve already seen several pieces of homeware decked out in rose gold begin to emerge in the latter half of 2016. It adds the perfect luxurious touch while being modern. If you need some help imagining your home in this sophisticated shade it never hurts to do your research. Check out our new Pinterest board “ROSIE the riveter #Pink”.  Try a rose gold trash can or toothbrush holder, any small accent in the kitchen or bath. Henck Design recommends keeping your rose gold infatuation limited to homewares that have an expiration date in the foreseeable future, or something replaceable. It’s always best to experiment with items that you’ll need to replace, so that when you do you can keep them in trend driven colors and designs. While trends never last forever, this one might be fun to indulge in for a while to come.

The Pantone Fashion Color Report has included 2 different shades of pink, showing that the color pink is going to be super trendy for Spring 2017. The color itself being a trend for spring will be something that few people find surprising, however, that’s the time to get creative and combine it with other more original trends to create a wow-effect in your home.  Last year, designers looked to the big flower prints of the past, filling fashion runways and the home with granny florals. This traditional style adds a bit of whimsy to any piece. In 2016 granny florals dominated and we’re clearly still going to be feeling the residual effects in 2017. We do highly recommend pairing pink florals with deep blues & black.

We really like pink with wood tones. The combination warms a room right up. Reddish & orange pinks look best with dark wood tones, while a paler pink works well with grey toned wood.

Texture, texture, texture! If you’re brave enough to add some texture into the mix of things it can totally change the whole vibe of a color, pink included. One of our favorite fantasies is imagining that we sell lots of a lush velvet pink sofas. We love the Slub Velvet Edlyn Sofa from Anthropologie. Super obnoxious? Super stylish? It’s honestly a little bit of both. It’s a bold piece, but if you have confidence, you can rock it. The combination of pink and velvet is both classy and fun in our books. Henck Design is known for helping clients take risks & have the place turn out fantastic!

There are so many different ways to really make pink your own in your home. Play with shades & textures for home accessories and furniture to bring out the best of the color and to find out how it can best suit you. Contact us for help pairing colors within walls, furniture etc. Visit our contact page to set up a color consult today.

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