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Henck Design Color Trends; White, Black & Gold!


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The White/Black/Gold-Theme is having a moment! We are here for it and you should be too!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the team at Benjamin Moore has chosen Simply White OC-117 as the color of the year. A color described as being fresh as the first snowfall. This clean, crisp, multi-purpose white is the hottest colors. Though not specifically chosen by Benjamin Moore, your own personally chosen shade of white can be just as on-trend as theirs.

White is hot right now and “White on White” is hotter. The “All-white Everything” look begins at the floor and ends at the ceiling. It includes your walls, rugs, and furniture. Can you handle it? This might seem like an impractical design choice in terms of upkeep seeing as how white shows everything…spills, stains, dirt. Yikes! However, if keeping your home tidy comes naturally to you this won’t be an issue. Also, keep in mind that most of the new white furniture is stain resistant, washable, or wipeable.


Christina of Henck Design with Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the King of White, Black and Gold Design!!

Don’t think that you need to go to the extreme to join the white décor trend. There’s still plenty of other home décor options to incorporate this neutral color with we especially recommend black and gold, which will suit any living space. If you’re feeling cautious, start small by introducing some white furniture into your home one piece at a time. There are several collections at Roche Bobois that include some seriously stylish white pieces of furniture that we are in love with.

White is a blank canvas that works well with many different patterns, colors & finishes. Pillows, art and other accessories have the opportunity to stand out against it. Henck Design recommends mixing white furniture with wood tones- a great way to mix natural and modern décor. This combination is timeless and will look amazing in any home. We also love the loft look- white brick! –But only if it was painted previously! If it’s raw brick, leave it natural and source other white things.


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Keep in mind that the color white promotes a lot of positivity. When you’re constantly on your grind at work it would be nice to come home to some positive vibes, right? It’s also calming, clean and elegant… basically all the attributes you would want to be associated with your home and yourself. Because white has a lot of positive characteristics & versatility, that makes it ideal for any living space and is definitely worth trying out for a fresh start! Need help curating white goods? We can help advise you on how to layer whites. Contact us for more info.





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