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Center City Nursery

Center City is home to this lovely Philadelphia new family of three. The condominium has high ceilings and large windows – fabulous city views are available from every window in this unit. The young family who lives here needed Henck Design to come in and make some updates. We sourced furniture, rugs, and home accessories for the family’s guest room that we transformed into a nursery for their brand new baby.

We sourced and selected case pieces for storage, nursery furniture, upholstered goods and all things baby friendly. The nursery space was large enough to be able to bring in a spacious chaise lounge for the mother and her new baby to nap, rest, and read in. It’s perfectly set up for him to grow, play and learn in for the future.

Interior design jobs that include Nursery design are always rewarding and add a fresh quality to any home. We love designing for both mother and baby!