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Get to Know: Christina Henck

Christina Henck recently did a Q&A for boutique PR agency Piqued Public Relations’ blog. Get to know Christina Henck and learn more about Henck Design!

From the article:

“What Inspired you to start your business?

“Sometimes reverse engineering is the best way.  It’s not the path most frequently traveled, but many times the wisest.  I really started my company because at my core, I’m not a rule follower.  I interviewed with several companies for furniture sales, staging and a design assistant.  I was even offered a few positions, which I did not take. I kept feeling like I was preparing myself to settle.  And I’m not one to settle.

So the short answer is, out of necessity.  I needed to do my own thing. I needed to be independent and fulfill the vision I had for myself at that time, which is to create my own interior design firm.””


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