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Playful and Elegant Children’s Spaces with Henck Design

Children’s spaces should be a reflection of their little personalities. I always like to design nurseries and kids rooms with a growth mentality. Their spaces should be stylish, practical, fun and ready for the child to mature into. Here are some photos of nurseries and kids rooms we’ve recently completed.

It’s very important for nurseries to be tranquil for mother and baby. It is also very important that a nursery can easily transition into a child’s room. We almost always specify 4 –in-1 convertible cribs so that they can easily transition into toddler beds and later twin or full size beds for the child’s room. There is an immediate long-term savings when a client invests a bit more money up front for this type of crib- to-bed option. It’s environmentally friendly to buy 4-in-1, and it’s much more convenient for young parents to only make purchasing decisions once rather than 3 times!

When it comes to my design aesthetic for nurseries and kids rooms, a combination of subtle greys, soft pinks, and mostly white furniture is what I find to be most stylish and easy for parents to manage. That said, I’m never afraid to punch up colors and add lots of texture in a kid’s space. After all, they’re developing mentally and are using their five senses to explore the world!

Don’t worry about going against trends or trying to prevent something from being dated. It’s only going to last 5 or so years anyway! Because the longevity of a kid’s room design is short, take risks! Create a fun space that he or she can learn in, ask questions about, while having space for restful moments when they’re needed. Lastly, I always advise my clients to let me incorporate pieces that will live on after the kid goes to college. Instead of specifying a dresser from a kid’s store, I want to specify something chic that can go into another bedroom later. I usually select it in a lighter color, which transitions nicely.

The hand carved mahogany dresser in the photo above is a perfect example of this! This client will be able to move this dresser into their master bedroom later if the couple chooses!

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