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Entry Ways to Keep You Organized & Chic with Fox29!

Christina Henck of Henck Design, explains the insider tricks to keep your entry neat and gorgeous with FOX29 .

Interior Designer – Christina Henck showcasing the use of baskets for storage with local news Fox29.

Christina Henck of Henck Design recently did a LIVE segment on Fox29 Good Day Philadelphia. She was introduced by Lauren Dawn Johnson and spoke with Reporter Kelly Rule to show you how to create a beautiful yet functional entryway design regardless of how much space there is available. Just in case you missed it – here’s the full article to fill you in on all the great tips Christina passed along to Fox 29’s Sunday morning audience.

Henck Design’s clients entryway and living room at Pier 3 in Old City has color, light, and functional items to keep this homeowner organized and stylish for everyday living in Philadelphia.

“What if your entry is chaotic- where do you start?” This was Kelly Rule’s #1 question. When our clients first walk into their home entry, they should always have organizational items and solutions to support their lives. In 2019 people are always on the go and creating a space to store those essential- on your way out of the door- items is crucial and considering your space is the most important place to start. Whether you live in an apartment, condo or single family home, an entry table is Christina’s go-to for any space and the best part is that you can find entry tables in all sizes and styles! If you find yourself with no space and have a closet, these tips will work for you too.

A secondary view of Henck Design’s client’s entryway and living room in the Fox29 segment.

Keeping items hidden. Using baskets or decorative boxes will help to keep your essentials looking chic and organized. These organizational baskets will not only look good but serve a functional purpose. It also makes it easy to switch out items depending on the season, for example; sunscreen and towels for summer and hats and gloves in winter. In today’s fast paced lifestyle it is important to Christina Henck that you are able to come home from work and simply drop those items without having to worry in the morning where you left them. That is where utilizing a large decorative bowl comes in, just drop in those must-have items like keys, wallets or sunglasses and you are set. Using lighting in your entry space serves multiple purposes as well, it allows it to look as though someone is always at home but also is nice at the end of the day come in turn on the light and feel at home in your surroundings – not to mention you can see where you are walking! Lastly, decorative hooks are also a great way to keep organized – especially – if you find yourself without a closet or space for a table. If you do have a closet take advantage and hang hooks on the interior of the door to hide coats, pet leashes, etc!

It isn’t all about functionality and organization though. It is extremely important to Christina that her clients, or anyone for that matter feel comfortable and grounded in their space. Family photos are a great way to remember the important things like friends and family when we live in such a fast paced world. Having a photo of your son, daughter or pet greet you as you enter your home allows you to stay present and focused on the big picture and may even help you remember birthdays or important events with family and friends! All these tips will help to create a “Moment” when you walk in the door.

Henck Design has also curated an entire Pinterest board dedicated to treating “Home Entry as an Architectural Moment” to help you to visualize all the ways you can utilize these tips and tools, regardless of personal style. As Christina Henck says – let your entryway “Ground you at the door!

Christina Henck of Henck Design.