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Home Office Hideaway: Turning Your Home Office into Your Productivity Oasis

Home is an escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where we relax, wind down, and re-center. In recent post-pandemic years, the home has gained a whole new meaning for many people. Home design is the solution for all the challenges we face day to day. We’re able to sluff off the day and get ready for the next adventure in the world, even if it starts at our Home Office.

COVID-19 has transformed the workplace, making stay-at-home jobs more common than ever before. The acronym WFH (“Work from Home”) is built into our post-pandemic vernacular, used practically as much as “LOL” or the red heart emoji. As remote work and home-based careers continue to surge, creating a comfortable and productive home environment has become a top priority for working people everywhere.

At Henck Design, we know the importance of separating the home (especially sleeping spaces) from the office in order to maximize both productivity and comfort. We’re here to give you home office ideas that focus on functional design to create a WFH sanctuary that caters to both your personal and professional needs.

Keep reading for our tips and tricks on elevating your WFH experience!

Home Office Interior Design Inspiration

One of the most common home office mistakes is putting their modern desk directly against a wall. You might think this is the natural position for a contemporary office desk to go.

In reality, placing your desk against the wall will make your home office feel smaller, making it more difficult to get quality work done.

Our suggestion? Don’t tuck your modern office desk away- put it on full display! It’s best to place your desk in the middle of the room with the back of the office chair to a wall.

This is the tried-and-true formula for making your space feel much larger and more open, for a long-lasting timeless look. It doesn’t matter if you’re typing away at a glass-top modern office desk in a faux fur desk chair, or using a plastic folding table and chair- it should always be placed in the middle of the room to optimize productivity and visual aesthetics.

With nothing blocking sight lines, the space will feel much more bright, less cluttered, and easier to focus in. There are also Feng Shui benefits to having a desk floating in the room.

According to an article in The Spruce on Feng Shui in the home office, sitting with your back to the wall and being able to see the door is “the commanding position.” If it is impossible to orient your desk in a place where you can see the door, the article suggests placing a mirror near your desk to reveal the door’s reflection.

We utilized this spatial maximization tip in the office of the Relaxed Contemporary Townhome, our interior project in Bella Vista. See how the floating modern desk makes the office feel more airy and polished.

Contemporary Floating Desk in Modern Home Office

Another common mistake in designing your dream home office is not having a rug. By leaving your floor bare, you’re missing an opportunity to express yourself within your space. This is a home office, after all! There are all types of rugs that could fit your space and design style; for some suggestions on color, texture, and patterns, check out our 2020 Rug Lookbook blog.

Handmade Rug Inspiration for Home Offices

Choosing the right size rug is also very important. While there are many options, always choose an 8×5 area rug to be safe. It will frame the area in front of your desk without being overpowering.

Concerned that the desk chair’s wheels won’t roll smoothly over the rug? Here’s our trick: keep the chair on the hardwood floor at the edge of the rug. That way, your feet can rest on the rug without the wheels touching it.

It’ll still frame the space the same way and create a more inviting environment. Don’t forget, always lay out a rug pad before placing your rug!

The final, most common mistake people make is styling their space too trendy. Ladies, we all know the “Instagram perfect” home office aesthetic, from the faux Cheetah print desk chairs and rugs to the bright pops of pink amongst a sea of white. Don’t be fooled by how prevalent these designs may seem on your feed; the trend is on its way out. For a long-lasting, timeless home office look, we recommend sticking with a functional design that supports minimal clutter.

Relaxed Luxury style interior design inspo

While it might look appealing on social media, opt for versatile decor that suits your individual style but stands the test of time.

Don’t worry- you don’t have to forgo your personal style to achieve this. To get some inspiration on some home office ideas for her check out our Femme Pinterest board. We show you how to create a timelessly cozy space with the perfect amount of color and glam undertones.

Whether you like it or not, working from home is becoming the new norm. There’s no better time than now to create the feeling of home in your WFH space. Ensuring that it’s beautiful and inviting without compromising on its functionality is always the goal.

For even more inspiration, check out our Home Sweet Office Pinterest board. We’ve got you covered for all things WFH, like home office accessories, desk decor ideas, space saving solutions and more.

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