Home Office Hideaway: Easy Tips on Creating Your Best Home Office

Everyone knows that home is where the heart is. But with Covid-19 keeping us all inside, more people are bringing work into the home. At Henck Design, we know the importance of separating the home from the office. We’re here to help you walk through how to design the perfect space for your home office. Check out our Pinterest board, where you will be able to find a way to make your Home Sweet Office!

One of the most common mistakes (and in in our opinion, the worst) people make is putting their desk directly against a wall. You might think this is the natural position for the desk to go; it increases usable space in the room and what’s better than more space? But the reality is that placing your desk against the wall can make your home office feel smaller for the person who’s using the space to get quality work done.

Our suggestions? It’s best to place the desk in the middle of the room with the office chair’s back to a wall and nothing directly in front. The space can feel much larger and more open. Plus, now that there’s nothing blocking sightlines, the space feels much more bright, less cluttered, and easier to focus in. There are also Feng Shui benefits to having a desk floating in the room. A back to the wall is a power position. See how open an office can feel with a floating desk at our interior project in Bella Vista.

Another common mistake in designing your dream home office is not having a rug. By leaving your floor bare, you’re missing an opportunity to express yourself within your space- this is a home office, after all! There are all types of rugs that could fit your space and design style; for some suggestions on color, texture, and patterns, check out our 2020 Rug Lookbook blog.

Choosing the right size rug is also very important. While there can be many options, an 8 foot by 5 foot rug is always a safe bet for your home office. It will frame the area in front of your desk nicely and your chair’s two front feet should just barely be on the rug. Concerned that your desk chair won’t be able to roll over your rug? Here’s the trick: keep the chair on the hardwood floor at the edge of the rug, so your feet can rest on the rug. It’ll still frame the space the same way and create a more inviting environment for whoever visits your office during the day. Don’t forget to always include a rug pad when placing your rug!

The final most common mistake is styling your space too trendy. Ladies, we all know the Instagram perfect home office; from the faux fur decorating desk chairs and rugs to the bright pops of pink amongst a sea of white. Don’t be fooled by how prevalent these designs may seem on your feed. The trend is on its way out. To get some inspiration on how to make your space feminine without going too trendy, check out our Femme Pinterest board.

Working from home is becoming more and more common in today’s world. There’s no better time than now to make the home office an inviting place. Visit our Queen Village showroom to talk to us about some of the amazing things we can help you achieve and see the video below for Christina giving some home office pointers here!

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