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The Ultimate Holiday Design Guide

When it comes to picking out the perfect Holiday gift or styling your home for the Holiday’s one can quickly become overwhelmed. Thankfully the Henck Design team has put together the ultimate Holiday guide. 

Set the scene with fresh greenery. This festive element adds a layer of dimension & texture to your design. We love to incorporate cedar, eucalyptus & faux garlands into our client’s space. It’s important to match your florals & greenery to your existing color scheme.  Once you’ve selected your greenery it’s time to start layering in décor. 

Let’s start with your mantel. The mantel is typically the focal point in a space. When figuring out how to style your mantel this Holiday season make a statement by bringing in an impactful design & warmth. Incorporate key elements to your design that are subtle yet eye catching to everyone who enters your home. 

Adding groupings to your design creates an asymmetrical look & depth. This can be a group of decorative pieces, layered art & candles. Create height by tapering the candles on one side of your design & garland on the other. The imperfection & asymmetry in your mantle’s styling will give your space a natural, lived-in feel. 

Now it’s time to move into the dining room. The best of the Holidays usually happens around the family table. In order to make it extra special we recommend creating an irresistible table setting. The key to designing the perfect Holiday table setting is knowing your design direction. You want to make sure it is aligned with the aesthetic of your dining room & other décor throughout your home.

Start by figuring out your color palette. This year people are swapping the traditional reds & greens for metallics, neutrals & bright unexpected hues. Mixing in nontraditional colors gives the classic red & green a modern twist with unexpected shades & variations. 

Why not toast to jewel tones this Holiday season? Henck Design is known for including jewel tones throughout our interior design projects with wall colors, deeply saturated fabrics as home decor. Incorporating rich & lavish shades of emerald green, sapphire blue & amethyst purple to your design is bound to turn heads!

At HD, we also love the classic rustic & casual table space design that blends natural elements with classic accent pieces. This laid-back design incorporates textured wooden details & porcelain dinnerware. Keep things light & bright with fresh whites, luxe flatware & gold accents for a classic modern twist.

The most important element in your Holiday design just might be the tree. In order to tie in the design elements seen throughout your home we recommend outfitting your tree with unexpected pieces & bold colors. Emerald is a classic holiday color that pairs well with complementary colors like navy, silver & gold. These unexpected palettes create a bold design that adds a unique twist to the traditional shade of green.

Switch things up this Holiday season by outfitting your tree in navy blue tones. This darker, unexpected tone pairs well with a mixture of many other colors. You can easily add dimension & texture to your design by incorporating decorative ornaments, bold ribbons & a mixture of lights. Consider pairing navy with bright jewel toned colors. Plaid, emerald green, and ruby red are perfect to compliment the navy to create a cozy and warm design.

For a more elegant design you can add neutral elements to bring a winter wonderland feel to your space. Fresh whites, gold, & silver elements create a luxurious feel. A flocked tree garnished in magnolia flower and poinsettia, unique sparkled ribbon & round gold ornaments creates an easily achieved, timeless look.

Our suggestion? Go BOLD this Holiday season with your home decor and decorative accessories. When you incorporate textures, layer decorative pieces & add the right color combinations, you’ll be sure to create a festive feel for all of your guests! 

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Designing for you,

Henck Design