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If you’re looking to start incorporating some timeless natural products into your home design, there’s no better place to start than with a grass rug. Despite what the name suggests, they aren’t made of least, not the kind you have in your lawn. The three most common types of fibers used in grass rugs are seagrass, sisal, and jute. Seagrass and jute both originate from Asia, while sisal comes from the American Southwest and Mexico; you might know it more commonly as agave.

The great thing about all three of these types of grass is that they are amazing products to use for rugs. While slightly harder, seagrass is pretty non-absorbent, so it doesn’t stain easily and dirt can be easily brushed off. It’s also the most rigid of the three grasses, so it has a natural durability that can be perfect for a high traffic area of the home or even in an outdoor space. Sisal is incredibly versatile and can work well in most areas of the home. While not as non-absorbent or rigid as seagrass, it still resists dirt for the most part (we recommend having it cleaned at least twice a year) and can work well in medium trafficked areas of the house. Jute is less durable than the other two grasses and can be a bit difficult to clean, but it’s also the softest of the three and can be the perfect addition to a bedroom.

One reason we love grass rugs so much here at Henck Design is because they feel both natural and refined. They can have the fibered feeling of grass in the wild, but each of them have undergone processes to make them work better for your home. What’s also special is that you really know what you’re getting with each of these rugs. Many natural fiber rugs will tell you what kind of grass they’re made of and it’s easy to see weave patterns and even individual strands.

Something to keep in mind about grass rugs is how unique they are for each space. No two rugs will look exactly the same, even if they are produced in the same way. Different grass lengths and natural colors can both cause some variance. In certain styles of grass rugs, where grass is put on to cloth, it’s highly probable that you’d even be able to see the seams. Don’t worry! That’s actually part of the look. The grass won’t always line up and it can provide that organic feeling to your grass rug.

One of our favorite projects, [link to project here], has an amazing grass rug that we absolutely loved seeing in the space. We’re sure that no matter what grass rug you chose for your home, you’ll find one that fits your style perfectly and incorporates your other amazing natural elements!

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