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No matter what anyone could possibly say, natural stone is something that will never go out of style. You can see it everywhere in your home, from countertops to statues to wall art. There are countless ways that natural stone can be incorporated into your home. Fun fact: the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia even has crystals (one of the most glamorous forms of natural stone!) embedded into the walls of their spa! While not the most traditional of uses, this fun incorporation of natural stones shows the versatility of them in the design process.

When choosing natural stone for your home, there’s several elements that you should take into consideration. First is the density of the stone, which relates to the weight of the stone; it might all be rock, but some weigh more than others. Depending on where you’re using the natural stone and for what purpose, you might look for either a stone that’s either lighter or something that has a little more heft to it. Another thing to consider is the veining of the stone, or the long lines of color that cross through the stone due to natural deposits of minerals. The veining of the natural stone you choose can give your room a very organic yet elegant feeling. Veining may also cause small cracks or bubbles in the surface of your stone, but don’t worry! This is all part of the look of natural stone. The final thing to consider is the luster, or natural sparkle, of the natural stone. Whether you’re trying to achieve a more glam look with lots of sparkle or something more modern with a flat yet polished surface, the luster of natural stone is definitely an important factor. Just make sure to keep your natural stone cleaned and well maintained to always achieve the look you’re dreaming of!

Two of the most common natural stones used within the home are granite and marble, which are commonly used for countertops. Limestone, sandstone, and volcanic rock are also stones that are frequently used in interior design; they look fabulous as features that create a focal wall, such as large scale art or fireplaces.

On the flip side, gemstones are becoming increasingly popular in modern interiors. Selenite, quartz, malachite, and amethyst are all popular choices in modern home design. Whether incorporated in light fixtures, furniture pieces, vases, or statues, fine gemstones can be an easy way to add a bit of glam to your home while maintaining a timeless feel.

One of our favorite projects, incorporates multiple types of natural stone in their living room and kitchen design. We’re sure that no matter what stone you choose, you’ll find one that fits your style perfectly and easily matches your other amazing natural elements!

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