Commercial Office Design KW

Fishtown, Philadelphia

For this commercial interior design that Henck Design outfitted for Keller Williams Philadelphia’s new office in Fishtown, we started with a raw, concrete space. We worked with a local design build company, executives for the company and team members to understand their needs.

The building design was not able to be changed, although we planned all interior partition walls locations, door locations along with all the materials needed to finish the offices and communal spaces. The focus was on how to support both staff and visitors for their in-office experience.

Commercial interior designers on the HD team chose to incorporate modern industrial furniture and lighting with a few hotel design elements to reinforce a historic feel. The new construction space is in an edgy city neighborhood so it was important to keep it in agreement with the surrounding Philadelphia location.

Along with team leaders and CEO level executive spaces, entire teams are able to use these offices to collaborate and strategize on how to serve their clients and hold closings in the conference areas. Most commercial interior design companies discuss scope of work for the staff, and in our commercial design process, we ask questions about the day to day of all team members.

An open office allows for freedom of thought, while commercial sliding glass doors black trim creates a modern edge that keeps the office cohesive with the commercial furniture.

Similar to hospitality interior design, considering the space planning for multiple uses over the years is at the forefront of our commercial design. All commercial furniture and desks were placed strategically for the optimal use of flow. Our commercial designers made important style decisions for the custom reception area to add character, function, and a lux feel for the main client greeting area.

We developed 40 linear feet of ‘flex space’ for window seating through our creation of custom live-edge counters and worked hand-in-hand with the builder and project management team to accomplish the complete office build out.

Warm leather chairs, and modern lobby furniture gives a feel of a hospitality design project while maintaining the on-trend industrial feel that’s congruent with the neighborhood and functional space for staff members.

People who use the office space daily are expected to thrive in their field. There's a clear need in a space like this for a hospitable as well as productive environment to serve its occupants in a multitude of ways. And it was our honor to serve this successful real estate team by doing just that.

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