Fairmount’s Finest

Art Museum, Philadelphia

This Client's new construction townhouse in Fairmount Philadelphia was the perfect opportunity to create a modern city home from a blank slate into a saturated and moody space.

Because the home was newly built, the owners, who relocated to Philadelphia from New York City, wanted to add some personal style to the main floor with color and modern art. HD used saturated tones for the main wall color, and accented the teal with other jewel tones like purple with a real amethyst cathedral and home decor items.

Accent colors like turquoise and emerald green are the perfect match with brushed gold fixtures and other dynamic design elements.

Comfortable furniture allows for the sophisticated space to remain down-to-earth. The young couple really wanted a super modern home with lots of color to play off of the otherwise neutral material selections and kitchen finishes. The primary bedroom and bathrooms keep a neutral palette with another dark wall color.

Thes NYC interior design clients were not afraid to paint walls dark, use lots of bold art pieces and accent each space with light home accessories.
The kitchen boasts plenty of storage space and we added a freestanding bar cabinet for added liquor storage for entertaining and wine storage.

The basement has a jewel tone rug with gray modern sofa and black accent furniture. It will serve as a space for watching movies and sports games for years to come. These happy clients got the colorful modern home they’d wanted, complete with custom window treatments and a few art pieces that reference the NYC skyline, to remind them a bit of where they came from.

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