Style Survey by Henck Design

What's YOUR Interior Design Style?

Take our design style survey bellow to find your perfect style.

Understanding your own interior design style is crucial when you’re looking for a full service interior designer. Knowing what you want allows you to understand what sort of inspiration to share with your designer. Many clients of ours use Pinterest and Houzz. Then we’ll be able to speak the same language and develop a design you’re sure to love.

Knowing the top interior design styles and being able to understand the basic elements of each allows our clients to effectively communicate preferences and create wish lists. At Henck Design, we believe in creating personalized spaces that reflect our clients' individuality and cater to their specific needs, even when working on commercial design projects and hospitality interior design projects.

Whether your design style is more transitional, traditional, or modern, our team will take the time to learn about you and your family as well as your goals for the home or business you’d like to design new or update.

Our style survey, featuring an interior design style quiz, will help you identify your design style, ensuring that we can create a space that aligns with your unique taste and vision. Trust Henck Design to bring your dream space to life, tailored to your personal style.