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Keys to the Perfect Master Bedroom: Wall-Mounted TV

This piece is part of our series on Keys to the Perfect Master Bedroom. See more useful tips for residential interior design Philadelphia dwellers love!

Flat-screen televisions are defined by their sleek design. Their whole purpose is to be less imposing and occupy less space than older styles of televisions that came before them. Plus, they’re just better looking. By now pretty much everyone has a flat-screen, but not everyone is maximizing its potential for the master bedroom. Are you?

Having a television in the bedroom is a personal preference. Some people see them as a distraction, thus the widespread belief that they only belong in the living room. However, if you do have a television in your bedroom, Henck Design suggests you make sure it’s installed with a wall-mounting bracket. Need help? A wall mounting bracket kit typically includes a wall mounting plate that attaches to your wall, with two mounting arms that attach to the back of your flat-screen TV so you can move the screen for an optimal viewing angle.

Placing your television on a table or home entertainment stand will only take up space in a possibly already cramped bedroom. When flat-screen televisions are mounted to the wall, they save floor space by eliminating the need for something bulky to perch your television on. If you need a piece of furniture there for other reasons (i.e. clothing storage), you’ll have an opportunity to maximize that surface in other ways.

Because of their mobility, wall-mounted televisions can increase screen visibility in a variety of scenarios. Using the arms attached to the mountain bracket, tilt the television any way you want. If you’re lying on your bed, you can easily tilt the screen down. If there happens to be a glare from your window, you can adjust the screen for that, too. Television becomes convenient to watch from any position, while maintaining a sleek look.

Add a Soundbar with a wall-mounting template as well. The streamlined profile helps reduce space needs, yet powerful output delivers high-quality sound for your viewing and listening pleasure. With awesome sound and picture, your master bedroom can easily feel like your own little home theater. Need a great AV guy? Contact us for a trusted referral.

Make sure to wire your cable outlet behind your television to keep your cords out of sight. Having a bunch of cables or plugs hanging around looks cluttered and messy, which is not a good look or Feng Shui for any bedroom. If the cords can’t be completely hidden, try to keep them as contained as possible so they’re not hanging all over the place. Alternatively, we can have a local contractor move that box for you.

Just a quick FYI, mounting your television to the wall is a task that should not be completed on your own. You’re probably going to need an extra set of hands and eyes on this one.

Check out how Henck Design utilized a wall-mounted television at Waterfront Condos in Philadelphia! Our clients are thoroughly enjoying their excellent AV installation—it’s made all the difference in how they experience watching TV! We love to bring added value to our clients who need help with special decisions & tips from our pro designer.

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