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Keys to the Perfect Master Bedroom: Twin Nightstands

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Two matching night tables with matching lamps are the perfect his and her feature for the master bedroom. They provide equal bedside storage for you and your significant other or any other bedside companion. Nothing’s more annoying than being stuck on the side of the bed without a nightstand—where are you supposed to put your phone… on the floor? No thanks. What about that new Tony Robbins book you’d like to read before bed?

It’s much more convenient to have your belongings right beside you, at the appropriate height. And if you share a bedroom, it’s considerate to cater to your partner’s bedside needs as well as your own and absolutely necessary for good Feng Shui. Whether you have a partner and want to have a fair sleeping situation, or you’re single and looking to attract a happy and balanced relationship, two equal night tables are a must!

Having identical nightstands on either side of the bed also gives the bedroom a feeling of symmetry. This element of the design is not only functional but pulls the room together. Asymmetrical layout for a room is classic and continues to be popular. Having different pieces of furniture work together to create symmetry in one part of the bedroom is the key concept here. For example, one queen-sized bed flanked by two identical nightstands topped with pendant lamps is a modern solution for any stylish urban bedroom. Symmetry is naturally attractive to the eye, making dual nightstands the perfect addition to a successful master bedroom.

If you have romance on the brain, we’ll bet you didn’t know your bedroom furniture could help you find love. Having one nightstand is a symbol of solitude, so if you’re looking for love, that’s definitely not the way to go. You’re sending some serious single-girl vibes out into the universe! To combat these vibes, Henck Design recommends decorating your room as if you already have a romantic partner when you’re currently single and trying not to be. That’s where twin nightstands come in: there’s one for you and one for your future partner!

Adding or updating matching night tables to your master bedroom is a small addition that makes a big difference. Who knew that two pieces of furniture could have such an effect on restfulness, sleep, comfort, and relationship support?

One of our favorite interior design jobs in Philadelphia, located on Moyer Street in Fishtown, is a great example of how balanced a master bedroom looks with twin nightstands on either side of the bed. Accompany them with matching lamps, vases, or candles to complete the look!

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