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Keys to the Perfect Master Bedroom: Jewelry Organizers

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When you’re in a rush to get out the door and you find your favorite necklace tangled around another and three rings, it’s safe to say you’re not leaving your house wearing that necklace. Twenty minutes can easily go down the drain trying to separate metal chains. It’s frustrating, annoying and ultimately a waste of your time.

A little organization never hurt anyone, especially the girl who’s collected prized possessions over the years. Keeping some form of jewelry organizer in your master bedroom is definitely in everyone’s best interest. Their main purpose is to keep your jewelry tidy when you’re not wearing it. Storage pieces designed for long pieces allow you to hang long & short necklaces while the base allows you to stack bracelets and rings at the same time. Thankfully, jewelry cases also protect your jewelry from damage, keep pieces untangled and make smaller jewelry easier to find. Trust us, they’re a total lifesaver for your inner jewelry hoarder and a great piece to add decoration to the master bedroom.

And don’t worry: jewelry storage comes in a variety of forms. There are wall mount jewelry organizers, jewelry boxes and jewelry stands. Jewelry boxes are perfect for making the most of your counter space, especially if it’s scarce. We’re not talking about the little jewelry box you had when you were five, the one that played music and had a spinning ballerina in it. No, we’re talking about a sophisticated wooden jewelry box with multiple compartments and sections for different types of jewelry inside. Jewelry hangers and stands come in so many different designs and styles. Hangers can be in closets, hung on the back of doors, or really hung anywhere there’s extra wall space in your bedroom. We love Lucite jewelry storage pieces. They’re transparent, allowing you to see what’s available while preventing oxidation from nearby moisture and everyday dust. They’re modern, feminine, and above all else, functional!

That said, most types of jewelry organizers will easily display your jewelry. It can be difficult to pick the right accessory for an outfit when you barely remember what you have. If you’re a visual person, then having all of your jewelry within eyesight will help you visualize your whole outfit when getting ready for the day or an evening out.

Henck Design recommends the ever-functional Expandable Jewelscope Jewelry Tree by Umbra from The Container Store. It has an adjustable top tier to accommodate any sized necklace. The base is also great for storing rings, earrings and watches.

Jewelry organizers may seem like an indulgence, but really they’re a necessity. Taking care of your jewelry is the only way to get the longest wear out of it. We always urge our clients to make good use of items to keep their lives and minds neat and tidy. Clear room; clear mind!


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