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Ingeniously Industrial – The Way to Go with Henck Design

(Above: Henck Design, The Cigar Factory, Northern Liberties)

Abandoned warehouses and out-of-service factories might sound like settings from a horror movie, but today they’re the inspiration behind an ever-popular design style, inspired by the turn of the last century’s industrial design. Spaces that once housed assembly lines and steam engines have recently become prime candidates to become remodeled into urban lofts, art studios, and other living spaces. The open floor plans, high ceilings, large windows, and minimalist interiors that were necessary for safe and efficient factory operations in the 19th century make the perfect backbone for 21st century living. Rather than covering up the raw infrastructure with drywall and thick coats of paint, industrial style embraces the natural quirks of a space by exposing the original structural elements and giving them a new, purposeful life – think visible pipes, ducts and beams. Take note of some other key traits of this cool style from The Decoist.

Not all of us are lucky enough to call a repurposed warehouse our home, but that doesn’t mean an industrial inspired space is out of the question. Here are some of Henck Design’s favorite ways to go industrial (without sledgehammering your walls in search of pipes and air ducts to expose).

Get raw! The industrial style is all about creating that unfinished, yet strikingly bold look. The key to this? Raw materials. Our golden trio for this look consists of brick, wood, and metal. The earthy, stripped-down aesthetic of exposed brick walls is an industrial design fundamental. Installing wood panels is a great way to evoke that same 19th century feel. We absolutely love the look of reclaimed wood paneling stretched from floor to ceiling. Mix in dark metals like wrought iron, steel, and slate with finishes and fixtures to create a sleek and polished home design.

One of the easiest ways to add industrial elements to your space is through lighting. Hanging bare Edison light bulbs from the ceiling creates a modernly nostalgic aesthetic (plus, the unique shapes of the exposed filaments inside each bulb are an art piece on their own). Oversized, angular floor lamps with metallic shades or pendant lights with geometric cages are other fantastic options to get that mechanical vibe.

Looking for an excuse to hit up that funky antique shop you walk past on your way to work? The industrial style is the answer to your antiquing prayers. Keep an eye out for everything from retro light fixtures to vintage accessories (finally a reason to buy that broken typewriter). For all of our DIY junkies out there, look for old plumbing pipes to use as the frame for a shelving rack or compile a handful of gears and factory gadgets to hang on your wall as a retro art installation. Mixing these vintage and repurposed elements for a residential interior is the perfect way to add an eclectic shout to this style’s factory roots while still staying modern.

The kitchen is the perfect place to implement this style. Bring in a rustic edge with a reclaimed wood island, or forego a traditional tile backsplash with one made from weathered brick. For seating, funky and metallic barstools are a must. Continuing with the theme of exposure, open storage is often found industrial inspired spaces. Don’t panic at the thought of displaying your disorganized cabinets! Think of it as an excuse to buy and show off rustic copper pots and assorted glass mason jars.

Ready to transform your home’s interior into a modern, factory inspired space? Check out the Henck Design Industrial Houzz Ideabook and Pinterest Board for some more ideas on how to implement industrial style in your home.

Whether you’re inspired by industrial or have another dream style for your home, Philadelphia interior design experts at Henck Design are here for you. Contact us for more information on how we can help you integrate these design motifs to update your interior.

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