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A Day at the Beach with Henck Design

Henck Design, Cooler by a Mile

Regardless of whether the beach is right in your backyard, like in Stone Harbor and Avalon, NJ or if you’re landlocked (and spending a little too much time with seashells pressed to your ear), Henck Design is here to help make your home design evoke memories of the sand between your toes and the fresh ocean breeze.

With an emphasis on light, airiness, and relaxation, this interior design style will transform your home into a refreshing, restful space. If you’re inspired by the beach and all that it encompasses, then this aesthetic is for you.

Let nature be the inspiration for your color palette. Nothing gives off that coastal vibe more than shades of blues. From vibrant aqua to soothing navy, these hues create an instant beachy feel, evoking tranquility that’s (almost) as refreshing as dipping your toes in the ocean. This design style’s adaptable palette lends itself to creating a cohesive, sea-inspired look throughout your home, while still allowing the interior of each room to speak for itself. That’s not mentioning the Feng Shui benefits- the color blue provides your home with calming, soothing, and healing energy. Go bold with an eye-catching turquoise accent wall and lively seafoam green furniture in one room, while comfortably transitioning into colors reminiscent of a dust storm in the next room. Crisp white walls that extend from floor to ceiling are a must have in any beach home’s interior, perfectly opening up your space and bringing the outdoors in with bright light. Modern coastal homes perfectly balance the vibrant blues of a sunny day at the beach with the subdued greys of a stormy night at sea, giving you lots of freedom to choose where to go bold and where to stay serene.

The focus on natural elements extends further into furniture design to create an effortless, organic space. Henck Design’s key to achieving this? We balance blues/greens with wood elements. Select pieces that look as though they washed up on shore, and were then hit with a refined dose of simplistic elegance. Funky woven seagrass or rattan chairs with sleek white cushions, updated reclaimed wood tables, and paneled driftwood cabinetry all artfully allude to the rustic comfort of the beach without sacrificing sophistication.

Think beyond just lining your cabinets with shells and miniature sailboats – transform worn rope in a chic way to secure curtains to curtain rods or revamp driftwood into an artful chandelier.

Working with these elements is all about combining nature, tranquility, and elegance to create a soothing interior that is perfect for any home or office design. Take a look at Henck Design’s “A Day at the Beach” Pinterest Board and Houzz Ideabook for some of our favorite coastal inspired interiors. Also, get inspiration for this design style from Henck Design’s latest job in Avalon, NJ “Cooler by a Mile”.

At Henck Design, we help our clients implement their design styles into their home. Contact Us for more information on how we can transform your interior into an inspiring, unique space.