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Unique and Unexpected– Henck Design’s Take on Eclectic Design

Henck Design, One Riverside

If you can’t decide on one style for your home, look no further than eclectic design. Mixing a variety of styles, eclectic interiors are as unique and diverse as you. Though they have a carefree ease, successfully creating an eclectic inspired space is the ultimate strategic challenge. Cohesively bringing together various textures, colors, and styles can easily become messy. So how do you balance a mismatched space without creating chaos?

Think outside of the box, let your imagination run wild, stretch your creativity…but remain focused. Finding a unifying motif to connect the various elements of your space is key in eclectic interior design.

One way to achieve this is to start with one main design style to continuously reference but then build around it with supporting styles. Maybe you want to pair industrial and rustic to create a unique kitchen. Combining stainless steel appliances and metallic hanging lights with mismatched wooden chairs surrounding an oversized table meshes these two styles. Borrowing elements from a select few styles allows you to customize your space without creating chaos.

Don’t have a particular style you want to focus on? Create cohesion with color instead. A neutral scheme is a simple and effective way to make funky pieces stand out while tying everything together. Sticking to blacks, whites, and beiges gives you room to experiment – so don’t be scared to be playful with multiple patterns or layer different textures within your simple color scheme. Eclectic interiors can also be explosions of color – with rich hues across the rainbow represented in one room. If you go this route, just be sure to ground your space through one dominant style, texture, or shape.

The heart of eclectic design lies in your own personality, making it perfect for displaying all of those knick-knacks and found objects you’ve collected over the years. With a focus on marrying opposites, eclectic interiors beg you to pair modern and vintage to create an unexpected, quirky atmosphere. Keeping furniture simple and modern (think low to the ground couches and clean lines) opens up the rest of your interior to antique accessories. Mixing time periods within one room creates a worldly feel that is still bursting with charm and whimsy.

There isn’t one way to do eclectic, so find your unique inspiration and bring your space to life. If you’re feeling stuck, check out our eclectic Houzz Ideabook and Pinterest Board for some of our favorite eclectic interiors.

At Henck Design, we focus on our client’s individual style to design beautiful spaces that fit their interior design needs. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your interior into an inspiring, unique space.



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