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Personality & Pattern in the Home: Mirrors

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Home décor is a very general term regarding home accessories and distinguishes them as “finishing touches” for a home’s design. Mirrors are a great home accessory that add an exclamation point to the styling of a room.

An important aspect of good home design and office design is the proper placement of your furniture & home accessories. It’s easy to hang a mirror on a wall because it looks ‘nice’ there, but it probably won’t be serving its best function there. Some things to consider when choosing where to hang your mirrors are: What is going to be reflected in that mirror? When is the last time that I need to give myself a once over before I walk out that door? Answering these questions will help you choose where to hang mirrors so that they can best serve you throughout the day.

We recommend placing a mirror at the entryway of your home. Check how you look at entryways right before you leave or enter a space. Ladies, touch up your lipstick or fix your hair before you head out the door.

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If you have a home office, sit directly across from a mirror that reflects an outdoor view, it gives added value to any space. When you spend hours in an indoor work environment, natural sunlight and outdoor views help increase productivity.

Mirrors have the ability to double as wall art. If you have a large wall in your house or office and have pieces of art up, it’s important to break up the monotony by using mirrors. Having that one stand out piece in a collage of wall art elevates the space to another level. The best thing about mirrors is that you get more to look at than just that mirror, you get that view that they reflect as well to contribute to the décor of a room.

Henck Design often uses mirrors with decorative frames to add style to a room. Mirrored frames are contemporary and chic because of their aesthetic sparkle, while wooden frames have a more rustic aesthetic that fit perfectly in beach homes. For more examples on how to add wood pieces into your beach home and to further include natural elements, check out the Henck Design blog “A Day at the Beach with Henck Design“. There are a wide variety of mirror frame styles that will maximize a room’s existing style whether they add a natural element, or a rustic feel.

Henck Design, Southwark Townhome

Mirrors are the easiest way to make small spaces appear larger. They open up rooms and make them brighter by reflecting light. Natural light is ideal for bedrooms. They are a great accessory to add to any room and there are so many styles out there that it will be easy to find one that will add that “finishing touch” to your space.

Need help selecting mirrors that fit your personality for your space? At Henck Design, we help our clients implement their design styles into their home. Contact Us for more information on how we can transform your interior into an inspiring, unique space.



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