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A Day at the Beach with HD:

The Hottest Coastal Interior Design Trends for Your Coastal Dream Home, whether it be South Jersey, Delaware or Maryland Beaches

It’s that time of year again, Americans are flocking to their favorite beach towns. They plan to stay either in a vacation rental or the family beach home. Locals in Philadelphia, Delaware, and South Jersey head to the most popular spots to vacation – whether it’s the southern tip of New Jersey and Delaware/Maryland’s coastal towns or to Florida’s panhandle destinations like 30A, Destin or Panama City, FL. They escape to the sandy coast to cozy up in the escape of coastal interior design.

The local colloquialism in the Northeast; going “down the shore”, consists of when Summer weekends roll around. The city, Main Line, and other suburban areas of the tristate Mid Atlantic areas empty. This leaves room for the Atlantic City expressways to fill.

Neighborhoods like Bryn Mawr, Wayne, and other Main Line townships are noticeably quieter.  Shoppers who usually saunter around Suburban Square are in bumper to bumper traffic heading to the shore town of their choice.

Whether your home-away-from-home is in Florida, New York, or New Jersey’s Avalon, Stone Harbor, The Hamptons, or Barnegat Bay near LBI everyone knows that full “do not disturb” mode is activated when we get down the beach, even if it’s just for the weekend. 

Tennesseans headed to Destin Florida don’t just visit for the weather and family activities. Florida’s panhandle, accompanied by stunning Waterfront Views, has a ton of beach friendly fun with an atmosphere of southern hospitality.

We’ve curated our coastal design work from across the country. If you’re looking to revamp your beach home into a haven that complements these beloved summer destinations, look no further.

Nature Inspired Furnishings

When it comes to coastal interior design, there’s no better inspiration than nature itself. At HD, our goal for coastal homes is to design each space so that it seamlessly blends with the landscape.  Interiors at the beach should have a soothing, effortless quality with lots of natural light, tall ceilings, transitional interior architecture and operable windows that allow the gulf or atlantic breeze to flow in.

In the living room of HD’s Bay Front Vacation Home project, the coastal color palette and natural furnishings are inspired by the picturesque Sea Isle City harbor, which is visible from the window.

Bay Front Vacation Home, Custom Beach Home, Jersey Shore

In HD’s Bay Front Vacation Home project, the designers drew inspiration from the colors and ambiance of the nearby Sea Isle City harbor.

The driftwood-inspired base of the coffee table gives the impression that it just washed up on shore. This adds an authentic beachy touch to this coastal living room. However, its glass top elevates the design and imparts a luxurious flair.

When designing the interior living spaces of HD’s Modernized Beach Home, a Jersey Shore home redesign in Barnegat Bay, the environment was also the muse for coastal aesthetics. The paint colors in are chosen with the deep blue and green hues of the Atlantic Ocean.

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This Palm City Florida family home designed by HD in 2022 offers soft textures and comfortable furniture for a casual and coastal feel.

Comfortable custom sofas for our clients is one of HD’s favorite design elements. Blue tones mix with neutral items to repeat the color story of the local landscape. This transitions your eye from the indoors out as you gaze at the horizon. 

HD thoughtfully selects each piece of decor to reflect the local nature, with luxury in mind. With so much color and texture outside, a simple approach to decorative accessories was ideal for this South Florida beach home.  This coastal getaway’s interior architecture is quite transitional with a refreshing, organic touch.

Frameless Glass Railings

Another trend we’re loving this season is frameless glass railings for both commercial and residential landings. These glass railings are especially effective for homeowners who live directly on the water. Railings and fences like these allow for unobstructed panoramic views that can be used around pools, decks, and balconies allowing the best look at your surroundings.


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The tempered glass used to make these glass railings is durable and impact resistant, making it both a safe and stylish option.

Glass railing systems, much like large-scale windows, seamlessly integrate the outdoor spaces of a home with its surrounding landscape. 

For more HD-approved outdoor living space ideas, check out our Outdoor Living Pinterest board–we’ve got all the inspo you need!

At Home Dog Washing Stations

All dog owners agree – these guys are family. With countless dog friendly beaches to choose from along the Jersey Shore, your furry friends can also enjoy the beachside fun.  Florida’s 30A has beach towns like Destin and Seaside Beach that offer dog parks, pet friendly restaurants and more.

All dog owners will also agree, it can be a real pain in the neck to wash the dog(s) in the backyard with a garden hose. Washing your pup’s sandy paws and salty fur before re-entering your home can be a breeze. As long as you have an at home dog wash station. 

These “stations” have become increasingly popular. We think your beach home whether in FL or NJ, is the perfect place to incorporate one.

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Let Fido splash to his heart’s content in the waves, knowing you can clean him up at home with efficiency and ease.

We hope these tips and tricks will inspire you to give your beach abode the perfect facelift. For even more coastal design inspiration, explore our carefully curated Day at the Beach Pinterest board, and make sure to follow @think_henck on IG to stay up to date on all our latest projects!