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Personality & Pattern in the Home with Henck Design

Henck Design, Bohemian Bright

A home should reflect its owner and show their travels and personality. It’s your home, you’ve chosen the furniture, home accessories and colors, so it should represent you when your guests walk in, right? There are several design features that Henck Design recommends taking a closer look at to achieve this goal. After some self-reflection you may realize that your house doesn’t reflect you quite as much as you thought. In this new blog series Henck Design shares tips on how to make your home reflect your personality as well as selecting the home furnishings that share the characteristics of that style.

Wallpaper, rugs and mirrors have some of the most diverse selections in terms of style and design, which is great for homeowners because it increases the probability of finding a specific style that fits the design aesthetic. A vast selection leaves room for creativity and customization, which is another great way to make sure your personality shines through your space. We source many of these items from specialty boutiques on the Mainline like Ardmore, Devon and Villanova!

Look at yourself and fashion and lifestyle first, then think about what’s currently in your closet. The colors and textures in your closet can say a lot about what features you are naturally drawn to. Now that you’ve taken stock, it’s time to reflect. Are you super excited about saturated color, or is that just not your style? Do you prefer to keep things more simple? These are the basic characteristics of the style that you should consider using in your home decor.

Look at your home to decide what you want to see more of and what you want to get rid of. Are you feeling bored & need more stimulation in your space? Or are you feeling the opposite and are over stimulated? Based on how you answer this question, home furnishings can be chosen to create balance and the right aesthetic to your home.

Consider toning down the bold colors and loud patterns and work with a neutral palette. Neutral colors create a calming atmosphere and tend to be timeless. A monochromatic space is a simple way to create a non-overwhelming, calm space. Liven it up with a fun texture, like a faux fur throw across a bed or cow hide pillows on the couch.


Henck Design, Fun & Funky in Fishtown

Wallpaper has the potential to be the most dominant feature in a room. There are so many different patterns and prints for wallpaper. If you can think of it, it’s out there. They have come a long way from the more traditional styles that were popular in the past. Wallpaper speaks to your personality while being bold, subtle or anything in between. Wallpaper is for everyone!

If you like bold wallpaper designs but can’t imagine it on your walls, a great compromise is adding wallpaper to smaller spaces of your home that could use some pattern & personality. Have you ever considered wallpaper on the inside of bookshelves? Or on the steps of a staircase? These spaces may be small, but with wallpaper they can become bold and breathe new life into your home. Check out these vibrant wallpaper selections from our Fun & Funky in Fishtown project to see some bold prints.

Realistic looking faux finish wallpapers are becoming extremely popular. If your house did not come with that brick accent wall you’ve been dying for, consider a brick wallpaper. You’ll get the same strong, industrial look. If you’re a big fan of marble, there are so many fabulous variations of the marble print. Faux finish wallpapers can look incredibly realistic and create another layer of interest in a space that needs a little update.

Area Rugs

Henck Design, A Luminous Impression

The color palette and patterns of area rugs have great influence over a styled space. They are able to create that finished feeling after the furniture has been selected and home accessories have been finalized. The colors that are incorporated into them can work to tie a whole room together or go against the existing color palette and make their own statement.

Neutral colors are great for people who don’t want excess stimulation from their homes. Rugs with neutrals are easy to pair with other styles. They allow for statements to be made by other items in the space like chairs, home accessories and art. A rug can be interesting even when the colors aren’t loud and vibrant.

On the other side of the spectrum, area rugs with the vibrant colors and patterns become a statement piece. They’re ideal for personalities that need or prefer the stimulation of loud and busy design. The designs look best in a room when their colors match other smaller accessories, like pillows and wall art.


Henck Design, Southwark Townhome

We recommend taking a closer look at the mirror selections for your home. Placement is important for several reasons. Consider the last time that you check yourself out in the mirror before leaving your house, or what view you want when you’re sitting at your desk. These things all depend on where you hang your mirror.

What do mirrors do? Reflect. So it’s important to be conscious about what view is being reflected in your mirror. That view contributes just as much to the décor of a room as the furniture. If you have a home office, place your mirror in a position that it reflects an outdoor view to increase productivity. Any pleasing view that is being reflected, whether it be an outdoor landscape or a well styled room will add design value to a space.

Shape, size and frame play large factors in how a mirror works in a space. There are so many different styles that you can explore for mirrors- contemporary, rustic, traditional and many more. A lot of the different styles are centered on the frame of the mirror. Frames with intricate stylings and finishes work to give it a distinctive style that adds a finishing touch to the style you’re going for.

Check out the Henck Design portfolio for inspiration on how to effectively integrate personality and pattern into the home.

At Henck Design, we help our clients conceptualize and implement their design style into their homes. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your home into an inspiring, unique space.

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This blog was featured on the Macey & Moore Top 50 Bedroom Interior Design Blogs of 2018.